Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Calling

You rest within your breast
a gentle wave of bliss rippling through
a world opens up
it is just like this
from birth to death
moments of utter clarity
punctuated by uncertainties
and frailty until it all converges into one
and empties into the great ocean
that is the All.

You are the guiding light
the higher call to my wonderment
and match to my flame.
and tsunami-like.

I have turned in circles
round you
seeking to plumb the depths
and have had reflected to me
what still remains.

Death remains.

Beyond this death,
a new life
a new breath
a new chance
a calling beyond
and within
exploded beyond all convention
and laid entirely open
cosmic T-cells
ready to take any form
from dust to brilliance
from smiles to stones
and a million other things.
What it can be
is what anything might be
or would dream to become
or never even guess.
It is a new start
like Adam and Eve
wiser and willing to eat of every tree's fruit
and know no shame
nor division
within themselves
or in each other.

I cannot say or guess
what tomorrow will look like
except that it will entirely surprise me
and move me beyond any sense of expectation
that moving wellspring to the infinite.

If I might
the calling moves in me
and begging me to grasp your hand.
I do not know where tomorrow goes
or what new yesterdays will unfold
but I do know
I want to be that better man
the new man
whomever he happens to be.
I suppose he can be anything he so desires
since freedom was granted him
just as everyone else has.

So come,
let me wash these sheets of all our dismay
and scrub away all memory of
the unwanton past
and be just like children
trampling our shame
and giving up everything
for what could be
will be
as we feel moved
heeding the call.

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