Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Goddess Lives

 A most remarkable and amazing thing is taking place in the United States.  In Minnesota a group is paying to design and put up billboards that celebrate the Goddess.  These billboards are also meant to raise awareness about the importance of religious tolerance, that freedom of religion means ALL religion.  I applaud their efforts, and I am thrilled to see that someone has taken the bull by the horns and taken on such an effort like this!

What I find so wonderful is the message that the Goddess is within us all.  One of the difficulties that some people have been having is this long-standing notion or effort to somehow objectify the deity....which quite naturally puts it outside of our awareness.  This is a tricky perceptual trick that redirects our awareness outward to a certain extent, enough to keep one wondering where is God....and where is Goddess?  For those who have experienced the great mystery of the divine, nearly all speak in terms of this awareness occurring from within. There is a tradition of seeing signs in the world, true, and this is something that I have written about here and which is explained in greater depth in the book I am nearly finished writing whose working title is Waking The Infinite. Understanding how these signs come about leads to understanding the nature of the divine in the day to day world and also about how we each work at an energetic level as co-creators of our existence.  I put it quite clearly that if we can understand this linkage that we have in our lives both with the divine and our creative capacities, we are faced with the very tools that will lead to a more potent and meaningful and less mysterious process of self transformation and healing.

But enough of my yammering!  How about those billboards!  Here is a picture of one of them for you to see, and I encourage you to click on the link below to learn more about this fascinating story!

The billboard images and more about this story can be found by going HERE.  (link opens in a separate window)

Blessed Be.....

Update 9/26/2012:  I am so pleased to find as many views of this post as there are.  It warms me body and soul!  Please pass on these links to your friends, it really can help make a difference. Shifting sands and butterfly wings....

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