Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Divine Alignment Really Means

Everything you have known has come to you from your five senses.  Nothing came into you that did not come through those senses.  Your thoughts, they were your own. Your thoughts do not leak out, nor do other thoughts leak in.  Its just not possible, right? This is very much the way we are used to operating in the world.  It is how we learn, it is how we come by experience.  There is also much more than this.

When what we call prana is released in abundance in the body and consciousness, it opens up latent channels in both that begins to reorient you so that you become more aware of a substratum of deeper awareness that had been lost on your prior to this happening.  There comes an awareness, an understanding, nearly universally, that what you thought you knew was but one small part of a much bigger picture of who you were and even what you thought the world is or was.  It is here in such a place of awareness that most everyone becomes aware of a still deeper compass point that becomes a driving force for change in a person's life.  Read anyone's account of their awakening and you will find words that describe how they thought they knew but didn't, or how they inevitably find a deeper inward prompting to live life differently, to be different, in a way that is more inclusive to this new understanding of self and how the world is.  Sometimes you hear catch phrases like "illusion" or "false belief" and these things are all pointing to the change that has happened.  

When you come to such an epiphany moment such as this, it reveals that there is a larger compass point that is often ignored prior to this.  Awakening is such a radical change that it uncovers a world of new realization, awareness, and sense of being.  Its like one day you are presented with a new device called a car.  You have never seen a car before.  You have no idea whatsoever what it is really made for.  So after a bit of time you find that it has doors, so you get in.  You discover that it has a key that you can turn, and the machine hums to life.  You also find out that it has a radio, and air conditioning, so you sit for hours on end sitting in this cool little device with the air blowing and the music blaring.  This is like what your life is before awakening.  Its all good and there is a lot of functionality there to be sure, but there is something missing.

Then, one day you wonder what the pedals are on the floor for.  The engine roars.  Huh.  And then, in a moment, you slip the car into drive and discover to your complete amazement that this thing will take you down the road!  Can you imagine the surprise, the utter astonishment in such a moment like this?  Its like a whole new world.  And that is what awakening is like.  And awakening brings a whole new level of awareness.  Remember that compass point I eluded to earlier?  That comes right along with it. This compass point brings you, potentially at least, to a fuller realization of who you are.  But like a caterpillar that is changing into a butterfly, you have one foot in one world and one foot in another.  The compass point in such an experience becomes incredibly important as a guide for how to navigate in this new world both within and without.  When you enter into such an awareness, you are in a place where you thought you knew what it was all about but realize now that you really didn't.  The compass comes in handy.  It points to the divine within each of us.

The secret of divine alignment is that it is not something we search for outside of ourselves.  The journey back to heaven is the journey back to our true nature.  You cannot know just how inclusive this nature is by bringing your old biases to the table.  This is why the path to divine alignment involves liberation from lifetimes of karma and hurt.  Layer by layer, the force of prana flowing powerfully shakes out all of the dross....sometimes haltingly, sometimes in large land-slides.  You simply can't get there with too much weighing you down.   The universe seems to require that you love yourself first if you are to experience the love of the universe.  And before you think that what I am describing is some path to narcissism, it is known that when you love yourself more fully, the love that you attract matches that frequency within you.  There is a world of people who, unable to get beyond something in their past are destined to repeat it by attracting it over and over again until they are able to simply change how they feel and react to it. And yes, when prana ramps up to a sufficient enough level, it has very real effects on the body and brain, which leads to an ability to think and feel differently about a whole host of things.  It is the life giver, the savior, the redeemer. 

There is no honey as sweet as this. It flows inside of you.  You may not know much, but you may know how to stay in alignment to this force.  You might still have a world of worries and uncertainties waiting for you outside of this sweet slip of a moment, but at the very least you have THIS.  Just learning how to align to the divine is so huge, so important.  It is one of the elements that can lead to recovery, to healing, to still better things.  And you know what?  We all know how to do it.  Its simple, its direct, and its so pure.  Sure, we may be a work in progress, but count your blessings! 

Awakening is just the beginning.  Alignment is just the beginning.  Keep at it, keep turning 'round that golden center.  You don't have to have all the answers, just know the center point.  Know your own inner compass point.  If you don't know that, then you are here seeking to find that.  How do you feel?  How do you reach the part of you that knows joy and bliss?  When you seek this there is this odd tendency for us to find it. You might think there is a formula for this, but intent creates more traction than you could imagine. This is more like falling in love and being inspired than anything else you might experience. 

Certainly you can see that bad things spring up within people, no?  So is THAT divinely aligned?  No.  It is misdirected energy.  The source of all energy though is divine, this is true.  We misuse it, misdirect it.  We also think we know it by cleaving to old belief systems that are limiting and distorted. How are we to know the truth? People want to think that some god will come along and tell them what is what.  But the great secret is that the divine lies folded into the force that suffuses you in awakening.  Craftily hidden, it waits for you there. The initiation is your awareness that it exists.  I can tell you that it is there, but until you can feel it and then commune with it, well, book learning does you good. 

In the end, it comes down to you.  Forget the teachers, the temples and churches and synagogs.  This path is about freedom, but to travel it you must be brave....and you must have a free spirit. Crave freedom.  You no longer need anything or anyone, not even me or some blog to tell you how to get there.  Its already there in you.  I know, that is pretty frustrating.  I am not giving you a formula, am I?  Align to what you know to be true within.  If you are off the mark, don't worry; it might serve a purpose, an important purpose so you might learn something that you alone need to learn.  We like to say that we teach so people can avoid certain mistakes in their work, but it is also true that you can't teach someone to comprehension.  Comprehension comes when you are ripe for it, ready. That is why some teachings literally take years to grow and reach full fruition within the heart mind and soul!  But is that bad?  No!  This is not a race, folks!  All this talk about end times.  That is just silly!  There is no end to time.  There just isn't. Infinity is literally at our fingertips.  When this life is over, another will begin.  We have lived many, we will live many more.  Short on time?  Really, we all have infinity to get this one right.  Anything less would be like living in a universe where an angry and jealous creator god chose to turn the tables on creation and make up all kinds of silly rules to play a game of gotcha.  I mean really, except in child rearing and church, where does playing gotcha (go to hell do not pass go) make any sense at all?  What does the fear serve?  If the soul aligns by way of love then mustn't we have an environment full of love instead of fear? So wouldn't the single best way to erase fear would be to give us all the time in the world to get it right? 

So think about it.  Most people get there by being quiet, reflecting.  They look deep inside. You might want to try that.  Getting quiet helps to calm the chatter in the mind.  Learn to FEEL.  I tell you, this one is the most important.  FEEL how you feel.  Do things that will make you feel wonderful.  Soak it up, and soak it in.  GO out into nature, look at flowers and trees and the smallest of things and see how incredibly wonderful and amazing they all are.  Miracles.  Fall in love.  Be devoted to love.  Be devoted to your path.  Be asked to be led.  There is something inside of you that is your greatest teacher.  It is the path to the greatest joy.  Promise.

You could try to breath.  Breath in through one nostril at a time, holding one shut each time in turn for three breaths per side.  How does this make you feel?  Don't feel different?  Do it four times more.  Do it until you find yourself feeling more relaxed.  Once you get there, once you no longer feel a knot in your stomach, rest in that moment without a need to do anything.  Stop worry.  Stop being in the past or future.  BE in this moment for a few minutes.  If you mind races, its a sign you need to work on that.  Come back later and do the same exercise again and do this over and over until you manage to find yourself calming down more and more.  You didn't get into this shape all at once and you wont get out of it all at once.

As you calm yourself, imagine the chakras at the core of your body like flower petals, lotus flowers.  They are beautiful and wonderful.  There are seven of these, one beginning at your root or near your groin area, another slightly above it in your lower abdomen, then one in your gut or lower stomach area called the solar plexus, then one near your heart, one in your throat and one in your third eye and another near the top of your head.  If you imagine that there is a pure clear stream of water flowing up into your root, the center of your sexuality and nurturing when you were small, clearing out that chakra of all debris, it will then flow up into your sacral or second chakra.  This is the seat of your sensuality.  As the water flows, feel it flowing all through this flower and out into your body.  The central column moves up into the solar plexus and into the heart all in the same way.  Each chakra is opened by this sparkling water and is invigorated.  Imagine the water flowing up into your throat, third eye and crown chakra.  As you do this, imagine a slight pressure building in the center of your body which helps to push this etheric water source further upwards.  Imagine all of your chakras cleared with this water.  Inside this water are sparks of light, very brilliant and shooting around all over the place. This is not like any water you have ever seen, for it is alive in a way. Allow your imagination to see how brilliant this can be inside of you. Allow yourself to simply observe.  Feel as your head is cleared with this flow and you wind up feeling refreshed.

You don't need to know what this water is composed of, but your soul knows.  Your soul already knows what I am intending it to be and while your awareness in your body says you can't know, you do know.  Inside of you there is a sleeping giant who does know exactly what this is.  You don't need to know in order for it to work. In fact, by not knowing you provide more room for what I anchor and what my own soul whispers to you that it is.

Divine alignment does not come from outside of you.  Not through teaching or any method.  If a method works, great, but the magic in the method is how you can give yourself to it.  I know you may be used to believing in methods as if they are somehow magic or they have some interesting tricks that work on all people.  All you have to do is....feel.  I know I wrote about this in the post on anger prior to this one, but it is true and has broad application.  its because the part of you that aligns is not your thinking self but your feeling self.  It is so because the heart is not polluted.  Your mind is polluted with all kinds of ideas and beliefs.  Deeper still you know.

Divine alignment is aligning to what is already there.  You do not go outside to find God.  You go inside to discover it has always been there.  You are a part of that, you see.  This is your great secret, your wonderful promise.  It is there for you to know, to awaken to.  It is like a flower that will begin to spread open inside of you.  It will bring a feeling so blissful and amazing, it will change how you see the divine forever.  No angels on clouds or any of that foolishness.  A bud aching to open ever wider for the universe.  After thousands of years of sleep, it opens in you. This is the beginning of divine alignment.  Always asking it what it intends for you and being willing to be patient to listen for its clues is the ultimate in devotion.  You will become like a lover to the universe.  It will be a sacred courtship that has no end. You will wish all could feel this. The truth is so simple its more in a glance or a knowing smile. Sometimes people have felt this merely by being in the presence of those who are awakened and who simply look at them, smiling.  Its not elusive once it spreads inside of you.  There is no mistaking it.  You will know it.  It will be beyond anything.....and yet NOT beyond what you are.  It will spring up like a sprout from your most basic parts.  It will be a flame barely seen that grows and spreads.  it is without word or description.

Look inside yourself.  Believe my words.  Be patient.  Be still. Be in the moment.  Be in love.  Imagine the eyes of the awakened looking into you, reminding you what you have always known but have perhaps, for the time being forgotten....

Then you will remember that all I am doing is trying to get you to know what you already have inside of you. All of this continues like a prayer we say in each moment, over and over.  Each time we get better at it.  We learn, we grow, we embody.  It is all a process. 


Kelly Cano said...

Thank you very much friend. I believe my latent potential has just been awaken these past few days.

Kelly Cano said...

Thank you very much friend. I believe my latent potential has just been awaken these past few days.

Him said...

That's wonderful, Kelly. Do check in to let us know about your progress and realizations in your journey when you get the chance!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic article