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A Conspiracy of Sound

Before I plunge headlong into this issue I want to say that I am attracted to what I am going to discuss because it is another example of how our universe may well be constructed so that we have optimal forms of energy for us to experience which are themselves tied into a vibratory frequency that is the frequency of awakening and healing.  That is to say, a whole realm of numeric relationships that are expressed through all of nature.  Here, we are seeing only the result, the EFFECTS of something still deeper.  I am of the mind that we have tended to turn a blind eye to nature because of our attitude that it cannot be trusted, that it must be subdued but not well understood as it is reflected in our own natures.  After all, aren't we told that these things are demonic, or sinful? Is it possible that we have collectively been asked to turn a blind eye to a realm of experience which we naturally did because of our tendency to want to buy into beliefs that would in turn become so installed that we would not even bother to question them?  Is there a secret lying in all of nature that could lead us to a better understanding for how to BE as beings that are more evolved, more at ease with one another, and more at peace?  Isn't the nature of all nature to remain in a state of balance instead of being always on edge, ready to go to war, ready at any moment  to strike back at a world that we have learned to mistrust?

Last night a friend of mine was talking about a bruhaha being discussed about how the Rockefeller's sought to change the tuning of all instruments as, this articles posits, to militarize music, shifting it from a more healing and peaceful vibration to one that was less harmonic and peaceful.  If you know much about music you will learn quickly the math that is bound up in it.  It has a structure and order, much like all other things in our world, yes, but music as its been conceived by us and expressed in terms of time signatures, base and treble clef's as well as cording and harmonics, may express within its form a series of necessary elements that are reflected all through nature.  How this happens, I think need not be the result of an intellectual pursuit but merely through our most ancient and most developed and most submerged sense: feeling.  We can feel it.  We don't need studies or endless analysis. So by feeling intuitively, we can live as we were meant to be.  To be able to feel it we need to wash away the patterning that tells us that the old way is the preferred way.  We have to, in effect, undo some of our patterning that has taken place.  Some might call this brain washing.  Some might simply say that we are recorders when young and soak everything up like a sponge until about age 7 or so. Studies suggest that we remain in a brain state that provides a more direct access to our subconscious until around age 7.  After that age range we become less and less susceptable to this patterning. This is why the early years are so important. This is why we really do need to follow our instincts of keeping violence away from our children, harm, hurt, as well as sound thinking and feeling.  Problem is, we have been so steeped in this disharmonious culture that it can get a little hard to recognize what's good and bad sometimes.

Luckily, as more people wake up, they are finding that things just aren't right....this is not some rational sense, but something that comes from their deepest sense of intuition.  Perhaps what we have is a reality, a world, that was designed and which has evolved under a given series of vibrational patterns that have been found to be most optimal to harmony and good living.  Shifting those patterns even a small degree could have large consequences when taking the world as a whole into account. Pythagoras felt that everything in the world could be understood in terms of numbers, that there was a continuity from one form, one sound, and one thought to another.  If all of life has emerged out of a certain harmonic baseline (think of how the Golden Mean or Section for example) This baseline of related effects (such as numerical relationships, for one) it could well point to an underlying principle of mathematical harmonics that show or express a deeper underlying foundation that could be the preference that all life has for certain ways of being.  My sense is that if this is true, as some of the material in this article suggests, nature has been pointing to the way to be all along.

If we look back at our ancient history we see efforts to subvert nature over what I can only describe as a lack of trust IN nature.  Nature has, historically,  been something to be conquered or even dominated.  Its rhythms were not to be heeded or listened to, for these were those doorways to depravity, desires run amok, and a world of the subconscious that simply could not be trusted. Concurrent with this has been a rise in paternalism.  The role of the feminine has been submerged, cast aside, ignored.  Could it be that in big and small ways, we have sought to ignore the more intuitive sides of our individual and collective selves....our more feminine natures? Certainly there is support for the idea that the feminine aspects of human nature and our connection to the natural world have been reflected in the natural world.

Shakti, in the Hindu tradition, was the aspect of the universe which was connected to the natural world with Shiva being aligned with the spiritual nonmaterial aspects of experience.  Gaia was both the world and the Womb of the World. She gave birth to us all, nurtured us and protected us.  Mother Earth was herself the great Mother as seen in the Native traditions of Northern and Southern America. Since early Christianity there has been an effort to demonize all of our natural impulses, to cease trusting them, to believe them to be suspect. And why? Could this all be just a wrong-headed attempt to sow fear and control? Modern analysis has shown that only in going deep into that realm of "unacceptable" impulses do we ever reach a level of healing and unity within the self.  My own experience with awakening has shown me that when I listen to those inner tides of my soul and subconscious, I am able to become more whole, and more at peace.  The very process of delving into this forbidden territory has been the very pathway to my truer salvation.  Not some mental construct of salvation where I go to heaven somewhere. The heaven is found within. We have been told, then, to look beyond ourselves in an ongoing struggle of seeking salvation and healing in a way that entirely misses the very territory that must be cleaned up first. Look away from yourselves.  Set your eyes to heaven!

 I found that there was a lot of music and television that simply hurt to listen to or watch as my system lit up with the energy of kundalini.  Some of it was the content, but a lot of it was how it SOUNDED.  What WAS that feeling I got with some music?  Was there something there that simply was not right at some deeper more fundamental, perhaps nuanced level?   Perhaps what we need as a species is a certain kind of environment based in a design fundamental that is harmonious to life itself, the same kind of environment that we provide all new life.  Music itself is very powerful since it meshes with our emotional centers so quickly.  Music IS emotion.  All the more reason to take a close look at what it can do for us in a positive way. Learning to get rid of the negative stuff becomes an increasingly easier issue.  We simply stop in this moment going back to the negative.  Change, then, becomes very quick.  But I am wandering a bit side-ways from the point of all of this, which will be a bit long-winded (but hopefully interesting!).

The result of this article, whose author is Leonard G. Horowitz,  points out how others have sought to exert control in our world, co-opted music as another method in an arsenal of control of the human psyche.  The article delves into how the Rockefeller's became involved with the Nazis who were themselves heavily into mind control and whose non-indicted members of its military apparatus were brought over to Canada and the US to begin mind control work for both governments with the supposition that if we did not get them, the Russians would.  Up until the end of the war Russia was an ally....but the apparatus was turning to create another new chapter in control through fear; the cold war.  At the end of the war the Rockefeller's were the subject of legal action by the U.S. Government for their involvement with the Nazis and their sound experiments.  Perhaps the idea was that if you got the whole world just a little agitated maybe this would result in people being that much easier to cajole into going to war.  War itself benefits a small minority of bomb makers and military complex types.

The crux of the article I think is contained in these series of passages, all contiguous in the article:

According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web,(23) A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.

Not coincidently metaphysically, the interval between A=440Hz (equivalent to F#=741Hz in the ancient original Solfeggio scale) and A=444Hz (C(5)=528Hz in the ancient original Solfeggio scale) is classically known as the Devil’s Interval in musicology, due to its highly aversive disharmonious sound made when these two notes are played simultaneously.(36)

More harmonious alternatives have been obviously suppressed. For instance, during the past decade, A=444Hz (C(5)=528Hz) analysis found this frequency more compatible with nature.(22)

If humanity were to be optimally suppressed spiritually, the musical tuning of A=444Hz would be neglected religiously, as it has been. Religious leaders suppressed the original Solfeggio musical scale in which A=444Hz, virtually equivalent to (C(5)=528Hz, is the “MI” tone or “MIracle” note played by the Pythagoreans referenced by Tobias as subscribing to the bioenergetic epistemologies described by Helmholtz.(8)  Much of this recovered knowledge was suppressed over the millennia. But enough of the amazing details about 528Hz frequency (A=444Hz) are provided in Hydrosonics journal,, and LOVE The Real da Vinci CODE, to prompt international outrage concerning the A=440Hz imposition, and a musical revolution. (22)

This knowledge best explains why so many musicians intuitively feel better tuning up, or down, a bit sharp or flat, from A=440Hz “standard tuning.” More natural alternatives, especially A=444Hz (C=528Hz) and A=432Hz, and have been growing in popularity.(21, 22)

Recording artists seek the ultimate musical expression reflected in Divine-human communion.  Musicians who are spiritually-sensitive to pitch are compelled instinctively to reject intrusions to pure creativity in harmony with the flow of sacred cosmic energy.

Lloyd, for example, an expert and leading critic of A=440Hz tuning, described his innate drive to “tune-up” to a “brighter,” more soothing and inspiring frequency. He described this as “an indelible calling for a higher pitch.” The British author and composer expressed his preference for precisely A=444Hz tuning. He wrote that this 4Hz higher pitch is more pleasing generally for musicians worldwide. (16) Here are his words:

My own experience in tuning an electronic organ to be used as a continuo instrument with orchestra, in the late 1940s and early ’50s, showed me that New York orchestra musicians could with difficulty be induced to tune their instruments to a'=440 Hz, but that if the organ were tuned to that pitch it would in the course of performance be flat as compared with the other instruments. If, on the other hand, I tuned the organ to a'=444 Hz, this difficulty disappeared, and I take it that this latter pitch is approximately that at which New York orchestra musicians habitually play, and to which they involuntarily tend to return even if they have started out by tuning their instruments to a'=440 Hz. (16)

To understand the harmonics and structure involved in this more original type of tuning the author uses the following diagram to explain the structure of this system the author continues:

“. . . [O]ne can make audible harmonics, such as 72Hz (9 x 8 Hz), 144Hz (18 x 8 Hz) and 432Hz; and then further synchronize the music in binaural 8Hz, to reawaken us to the orchestra of our thoughts, in the cathedrals of our minds. Such musical harmonics may also resonate and upload one into a geometrical progression and harmonic to time, which is generally accepted to be the congruence of the amino acid/codon metabolism within the DNA double helix.(25)

A=444 (C(5)=528Hz) Versus A=432

It is readily apparent from a simple mathematical analysis that A=444Hz and A=432 Hz are harmonically related and both, reportedly, therapeutic. Prove the harmony yourself by simply subtracting 432 from 444. It yields 12; where 1+2=3 in Pythagorean math. Now take 528 and subtract 444 and you also get 12, or 3. Next, take 528 and subtract 432 to get 96; where 9+6=15; and 1+5=6. This result is identical to 5+2+8=15 or 6.

Notice this set of numbers--3s, 6s, 9s and 8s--are always exclusively represented by these special natural pure tones, their scales, and their harmonics. This is precisely what Leonardo da Vinci’s mentors emphasized about cosmic scales and mathematics. (21, 22)

Nikola Tesla, too, taught his students about this unique set of numbers, and always applied this math in his research and inventions, including free energy machines, also suppressed by the same petrochemical-pharmaceutical corporatists that advanced A=440Hz standard tuning and nuclear energy.(26)

Tobias (page 91-92) also wrote of these esoteric “epistemologies” in the context of reviewing Rockefeller Foundation and US Navy funding for militarizing music. He wrote, “In the course of this large-scale historical transition in which bioinformatic epistemologies drew from and displaced bioenergetic [i.e., biospiritual] ones,  . . . [h]istorically, “visual music” theorists have attributed such attempts at writing sound in magnetic, electrical, electronic, or digital media as indebted to a larger history of “color organs,” alchemy, or Pythagorean or neo-Pythagorean epistemologies. Here, though, we see the tensions in clear detail: at stake is a historical transition between essentially bioenergetic epistemologies after Helmholtz and bioinformatic epistemologies emerging with Turing, Wiener, or Shannon.”(8)

In the grand tradition of “bioenergetic epistemologies,” this author advanced “The Perfect Circle of Sound”--a decryption of “The Real da Vinci Code,” featured in the esoteric artist’s most famous drawing, The Vitruvian ‘Wo/Man,’ that includes the original Solfeggio scale.(27)

Here, the 3s, 6s, and 9s, are exclusively represented by the set of natural harmonics mathematically linked to ancient Pi, Phi, the Fibonacci series, and the construction of the physical universe from sound vibrations acting on water. (36) (See mathematical proofs in Victor Showell’s monographs in the journal HYDROSONICS, and also at

Alternatively, Tobias concluded, “the Rockefeller Foundation’s careful project management and coordination,” contributed to the materialistic versus metaphysical industrialization of music in the media. (8)

So the idea goes, by tuning to, say, a 432 Hz vibration, we create music that is more harmonious to us because it is in alignment with a series of vibrations that are expressed through all of nature.  Perhaps there are vibrations that are carried all the way into the higher harmonics of life force energy, the vital force of the universe itself, the very energy most who have these awakenings say they feel. It is not just a feeling or emotion, but a very real energy which has contained within it a sense of intelligence and that we can experience it directly without any scientific apparatus save our own energy bodies, which perhaps is the missing link in understanding the broader span of the universe? While all of this can get incredibly technical and dull, the idea is that there is an optimal series of vibrations that we feel best at.  In my case, kundalini is a perfect example of how this optimal energy seeks expression.  All we need to do to shift ourselves is a little awareness of whats best for us.  Then the trickle of change leads to dams bursting and we wind up with people having awakenings, all of which are not by any accident, as they are happening all over the place.

Update- 5/6/2011:  This article which I just found does a better job than I in revealing the breadth of this sequence of sound and structure in sound:


Update (4/8/2011):  in the following site there is an examination of the 432 frequency and something intresting pops up, which is the number three (a triangle).  This form is important for how it is related to the other forms of three that seem to pop up all through nature and has also has figured prominently in spiritual principles for how spiritual energy works (you have to look into things more obscure such as the Gnostic concepts of the divine triad, for one, and the interrelationship between the yin and yang, which produces a third energy some call Cosmic Consciousness for example).  The three is important as its a building block not only of matter but of energy as well.  The triadic nature of our being as I cover in my book is important to begin to understand and how filled we are with this principle.  To see more go here:

Omega Music and the Triad

The article is in full here:


Perhaps everything contained in this article is merely pointing to the result of something larger, which is that nature was designed and built as an optimal machinery, a biological device for living, being, and for sensing and even measuring the universe in ways no other apparatus could ever do.  In our materialistic bent, though, we have relied upon repeatable and observable phenomenon.  What about what we ourselves observe?  I think that when we overcome our shortcomings about nature....OUR nature....we will learn how to trust ourselves more and discover the things that have lain buried for so long.  The last great frontier may be our minds, our souls, our own nature as part of the rest of nature.  Perhaps through that peephole, or telescope, we might well discover some great things about the universe.  By returning something as simple as a way to tune instruments, we could perhaps effect one very small change on the world that could raise the tide and which could have larger implications worldwide. It is generally understood that even small effects, projected outward into a larger environment from the individual, that we see larger more noticeable effect in the whole.  I think its time that we tried.  


Luna Sea said...

It's really quite lovely to imagine the image of molten glass in relationship to our creative fire...

I think I would very much like a hang drum now.. I always wanted one but the article and your even better, musings on this blog in relationship to the matter of music.. ignites my enthusiasm for sound healing... through my own voice-- but also in the excitement knowing nothing personally in regards to reading or writing music.. and in that naive state-- making sound with my native flute.. and longingly, a hang drum.. and if I as adventurous as I would like.. a didgeridoo... your musings amuse me..

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an interesting makes me think how there could be some underlying quality in all of nature for a better way to be. Youtube had a lot of interesting vids using the 432 tunings, btw. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an interesting makes me think how there could be some underlying quality in all of nature for a better way to be. Youtube had a lot of interesting vids using the 432 tunings, btw. Very cool!

Dig Woods said...

Greetings all, having played various musical instruments for nearly 30 years I have recently started making one string diddley bows and delighting in the incredible overtone visibility, due to the single string being a pure tone source that makes it very easy to discern the harmonic series,a quiet environment also helps.I found that I had no interest for awhile to play the guitar, the point being, tonality dominates, if you have a tuned instrument even a didgeridoo or flute whatever, the fundamental dominates, so if the instrument is 440hz relative then you are forced to adhere to that,I love the freedom of a single string on a fretless instument, try it.
So my researchled me to 432hz and 444hz,retuned my guitars DADEAD or whatever tuning you prefer, either 432 or 444HZ=A and instantly felt the harmonious vibratory field, its self evident, experiment, thankyou, Dig