Monday, July 27, 2015

The Eternal Garden Of The Soul

How It Comes....

As simple as a cup of coffee in the morning
something in me opens up
I am curious
a map unfolds
a world opens
atoms in my body
dance and sing
as two energies
move through each other
in a dance that I know has been eternal.

The room begins to throb
I feel the electrons spining in my body
inducing a field around me.
It has been years now
and so much I have gone through
and it still feels the same.
Its earthy
but cosmic
it builds dimension
and leads to great longing
and desire.
I feel a field moving
rippling around me.
I know that this is what moves mountains
and awakens minds.
It all sounds so high and mighty.

I step over and slip open a book
and there is a description
of Buddha who had thousands
who awakened whilst he was here
on Gaia...
and I know
we all serve as this
in our way
a steady torsion field
of influence
of the serpent people
the dream makers
the tapestry weavers
the love makers
the magical breatheren and sisteren
that waits with heaving breath
in hope and wish
of ushering in the new way....

I look into your eyes
which are the eyes of legion
for goddess dwells in everything
-split the stone and she is there
she is everywhere....
a calm breeze
a rush of realization
of the sacred androgyne
that this makes of us
and explodes all notions
opening us up to the new
as skin after skin is shed....
as I feel you there
in the kitchen
as the water hasn't even begun to boil
but the universe opens up
so simply and wildly.
I am reaching the goddess
reaching the goddess within
so as to heal the god
and make my world
a garden with no competing weeds

You react in the air around me
as I ride this wave
moment to moment
day to day
a great big silly silence
with nothing present
no one there
with a room full of something
entirely quiet
but screaming too...
the universe yearns this way
and bids us to
so we might create as it does
moment by micromoment
in scales measured in
milennia curled up within nanoseconds
as all time expands perfectly within its one great moment
alive in all other moments
and my inners seek the flow from one polarity to the other
to unlock my own secrets
that I am here to find
in the eternal garden of the soul....

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