Monday, July 25, 2016

A Technical Note For Readers

Back in 2009 when this blog was created, secure connections to sites like blogs was simply not important.  These are mostly read-only kinds of sites.  Having secure connections weren't as important.

All of that has changed, though, as blogs can be the subject of efforts by others to hack or install malicious software through ever-increasingly creative means. Sadly, a lot of this material is made to direct your computer to a given site, I assume, to drive up traffic so those sites will show up better in search engine rankings.  None of this makes a lot of sense to the average person, especially why someone would go to the bother of doing things like this. Don't people have better things to do, and better ways to drive real traffic or to get eyes on their sites?

As a result of the site being http based, this has begun to cause some problems with accessibility with search engines and navigating through the archives on the blog.  This does not mean that there is malicious software on the blog, however.  Lacking the "https" method for transferring data has simply gummed up the process of file access in some instances. 

The site is now https based, with the emphasis on the "s." You will notice, now,  that your browser bar will show a green "lock" at the top, which shows that the information is being encrypted during transit, which also protects you from anything that might try to get between you and reading the content here.  It should also clear up some minor glitches for searching the blog. 


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