Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Essence

You glimpse it when the opposites merge into one, creating a trickle, a stream, a cataract that emerges into a roar of the flow that is all of life; it is as though an infinity of things flows through you.

"We have to use our brain like a bicycle. In this exact instant, act in that exact way. Each instant is different. Here-and-now changes every instant, so our brains must not be one-sided. If we decide things according to our own mental categories alone, our brain does not develop and we cannot act with wisdom.".  -Taisen Deshimaru

All of the esoteric wings of all thought have one similarity; merging the opposites results in the golden flash of realization. This was for the Taoists the Golden Flower, the Hindu the Kundalini, and the earliest Christians the Kingdom. It is in bringing ourselves into this still-deeper union within that we taste the fruit that is bliss, satori.

But the essence, which is unspeakable, resides in the smallest and biggest of things. It is an unending chain or web that unites everything big or small. The force that does this exists before all realities, creates all realities from itself so that everything that exists does so because of the force that unifies everything. Instead of rising out of matter because of matter, it makes matter so that it rises and lives in it.

The essence is not dependent on spatial relationships and so the chain or web that connects it through everything is not even a web; it exists without space, without time, yet exists here in it. If you split the seed you cannot hope to see it with physical sight because physical sight is not it's truest domain. Here, you can only see physical effects, traces, of a deeper mystery. It can be glimpsed by an uncluttered mind, a mind now-unified through that golden moment where the fullness of what we are rises and falls, while unifying us even more.

The presence of this essence, the true reality of all is so powerful that to remain with ones own karma, our illusions, is to experience deep pain. Such is the unbending nature of it. But by watching where we hurt, we can change our position, like a calf caught in the coils of a serpent; it relaxes and finds relief. The serpent nonetheless eats the calf, transforming it from what it once was into a new form. We are daily transforming in this way when this essence shows us the way. Each time this happens, we are like the blind facing a door that opens into the light. We only know enough to flee the dark even though we fear the newness of the light. Each time we do this and each time, we enter more and more into a greater light, a broader awareness.

Our karma is what blinds us to the light. But dissolving karma, which the essence will do naturally, always results in a surprised state; each karma blocks the Light from shining in that one shadowed place within ourselves.

People want to make this complicated, but it is not. Remember that the essence is like a seed that splits itself by our own divisions and is reunited in us when we dissolve what divides us. What divides us inwardly divides the split seed in us. It was never split, you see. We were split. Returning to wholeness with fewer divisions allows for the energy of the cosmic order to circulate. The spirit and self contains the technology for powerful transformation, a simple technology based not in the machinery we know here, but of an enduring timeless presence that is the gateway, the portal to the All.

Techniques, the best of them, serve to remind us who we are. I know; most think that a technique is intended to create a certain condition, like you press your hand into clay and there is the result; an impression.  But when it comes to the soul, it is all about opening channels so you can FEEL.  So is that technique helping you to open up, to remember how to feel in a way you might have not felt before?  Most require us to inquire within. It is like finding a crack in the wall through which we see a wonder. But the wonder is what the soul is, and as the small self in the body learns to surrender control, it is able to glimpse parts that are beyond here soul to sense and see freely the soul of the world.

Such a simple thing, an essence like this, is hard to know because it is at once itself and occupies all other things. When I smile and look at you, the essence is there observing and looking, too. But even so does it look out through every other kind of experience. It is there in war and in peace. It's regard for freewill is absolute. When we cry where was God when things go bad, the answer is that we simply stopped being aware that the God exists within each of us. When things go wrong, it's usually because we have stopped listening. We have become like the calf who fights being consumed when deep down it knows that it is timeless and ageless. We learn to die to ourselves and become filled each time, more and more, with the light.

We think but must reside outside, that a teacher has the magic formula. But Krishnamurti sought out those who "had it" and realized it was not catching. When he did get it, he did so out of a silent recognition of what he was at a still deeper level. To know enlightenment, it helps to be a grave digger. In digging so deep within, a place beyond thought exists, a part of the brain that is presence but does not think thoughts. It is like a place beyond this life, the resurrection and the life. No teacher has what we ourselves do not also possess.

So this essence exists in the balance, in even use of both sides of the brain, in a balancing of the yin and yang. When opposites exist equally within. We are ready to begin seeing more of what the world has to offer.

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