Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beyond Dogma

that this world
has reflected in its waters
our misguided notions
of the divine
for so long
that we have forgot what that state even was.

Imagine that beyond our dogmas and institutions
lies a deeper truth
that is as wide as the open sky
and existing free from our own notions
for us to reach that place
where we realize
we must disrobe before its utter inescapable truth
and Presence
to merge with it
in a union so complete
as to reveal the pulsing desire
of this godself has for his goddess self.
We have cut ourselves off from our own truth through such dogmas.
These experiences could dissolve our knackered notions
and return us to a place of awakening to our grace
the soul which is made up of love,
a self made real
to itself...

Divided out by duality
we seem separate...
deeper still
are those waters of spirit
whose currents defy division.
We are each droplets
moving in and out of the wave
which are in truth heaven and earth.
We move forward as if sleeping
mouthing old distorted notions
as we sleep in illusion
and dream of waking.

we are waking up.

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