Friday, September 3, 2010

Ancient Bloom

When He comes near
I know what it must be like
for Her
He carries with him
a swirling world
of pleasure,
and a quiet inner power
which is itself intoxicating
and always seeking intently
but quiet like the gardener missed
amidst the vine and shrub
the overgrowth of our awareness.

When I make the way clear for Him
I feel what it might be like
as She prepares for the bridegroom.
In anticipating Him
there is a surrender
not unlike a woman to her man
and perhaps this cuts just as deeply
peeling up new soil as it goes
revealing fertile ground.
I make way for him in me
the same way she does
as his mere presence fills me with bliss
and yearning
and love....

....except the paradox is that he has always been there
waiting to be realized
his presence
like a not-so-strange stranger
in the garden
standing next to me
waiting for the room just to Be
and spreads out vine-like
new life from a still more ancient vine.

He is speaking
and explains
I must let go of the old undergrowth
to make room for something deeper still
as the ancient blooms
in freshly ploughed soil
made new.
He carefully directs
where things must change
as gnosis grows
or emerges
in me
and divine bliss spills out all around me

The old garden
makes way for new life
a new garden
lush and alive
as it pushes away the ghost of the past
he whispers
it was always a ghost
now we reveal what is real.

"Its always been this way"
he explains,
"with every person who has ever been
the path by which they reach this place
has been the same
even though they have all looked different.
It has sought to make lovers of them
divine heretics in your past
scorned by those who do not know
but will each in their time each awaken
and feel
as everything they thought they cherished slips away
and the Truth becomes manifest
in their heart
as a new heart beats
a new kind of blood runs
thick in their veins
which is tinged with honey."

Her divine wantoness
she spreads herself out before him like a blanket
joyful and ready
and wraps him up
as he experiences what it must be like
to be in her world
and her world is awakened by this visitor
who is just the other side of her
as she turns in delicate circles to try and reach him
as she rolls him up within her
as he opens her
and her fluid feeling coalesces into form around him
worlds they make come
as he is turned fluid in her gaze and he melts once more into her

He explains all of this matter of factly
with a quiet understated passion in him
something that feels like a sun blazes in him
becoming him
entirely a mystery
but makes of him the greatest lover
for his utter obedience to his beloved
which he turns round in golden circles
just to find her in their endless dance.

Stepping through the garden
he explains
"we are not seperate--
you and I have always been One
but your hurt has divided you
and thus you from me
because what you feel
is not real
but illusion
and in that illusion
you have forgotten
and sought to know a lie
which could never serve you.
This, then, is the awakening
to your divine self
your larger self
brought quietly
but powerfully
into the moment
so that heavenly self
and earthly self
can dwell as one
and so that you may find your beloved
the one whom I know
and have always known
and can show you how to love
deeper than anyone
for she is that aspect of you
which is entirely mysterious
and beautiful.
It need not be explained more than that."

He steps through the vines
and makes a cracking noise
as thunder peels all around him
and rain falls quietly
"there is nothing more
for a man like me
than She.
We turn brilliant
around each other
and offer
a promise
of tomorrow and yesterday
to what we each become."

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