Wednesday, October 13, 2010


He has whispered to me in the night
he says his story was never fully told
only glints off a facet
pieces of a still larger story.
He speaks to me and says he was just a man
who had a legend grow around him
and like vines growing fast
they obscured the real man that he was
and with the coming of Followers
who had their own story to tell of him
his own story never got fully told.
For some reason he never picked up a pen....
he was not one for that sort of thing
he was too busy soaking it all up
and speaking out across the centuries
looking for someone to listen
to bear a new version
closer still to his deeply mystical roots
and the reality of his divinity
and aching simplicity
for the Logos
that everyone sought to put onto him

So I will listen afresh and new
and see what new stories can be told by firelight...

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