Monday, October 11, 2010

The Path Home

I have been seeking you
across hot desert sands
slipping from my grasp
just beyond reach
across a market square
a moment of awareness builds
then slips away
as you leave the city square

Over and over
it has been this way
as I have bided the time
and followed the path
my soul has lain out before me
as the night skies made their ancient count
turning in the never ending arc of heaven
as a seed in my soul has cried out for you
over and over
dissatisfied I swore never again
and it pulled me in again
closer and closer to you.

We would return the mystery schools to the earth
and bring upon the lips of many the song of their souls
for its in us to bring this
our alignment undeniable.
In perfect timing we will bring what has taken
aeons to deliver
as a heavenly alignment takes place within and without
triggers in us, mirroring in us, showing us WE are the way as we are IN The Way
bearing the logos
strewn all across nature
and the cosmos
as dreamers we
seekers we
children we
wake up
inside the collective
and begin shaking it awake
as tears of joy build on our faces
as the Light that is Us shines.

Across your lips I have felt my words
and across my lips I have felt your goddess self speaking
we aren't seperate
and Ihave been calling you calling you through heavy layers of illusion
pain and hurt
what were here to help undo is illusion
to free the boundless love that is our birthrights.

So now as I gaze across the square
you are going nowhere
but Here.
As I yearn
your voice calls across the miles
"I am here! I am here!"
And I smile because I know its true
and not illusion.

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