Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Next Big Thing

Someone once thought what a great thought it would be to connect machines that we use for processing information so they could talk to each other.  The concept of interconnectivity rustled and moved in the mind and heart of humanity.  The internet was born.  But this new idea was reflected in a still deeper sense, expressed in the world of form veiled in technology. This is the deep well of connectivity that we each have at our fingertips, a world which rests at the outer edges of what we seem to think is real or possible.  It is indeed the next big thing.  It has in truth been with us for since....well, for ever.  Built into the windings of dna this Presence has rested, for it was creator and conciever of All Things.  It is the Creator, maker of all codes, all languages, all modes for expressing. It was Creativity itself. A Great and Mystical Power.  And it has tangled us up and eluded us, and shown itself, always present in the Moment, always ready to leap forth out of our inner code into our conscious awareness.  Rising like a tide, rising like the fiery depths of the earth.  Inside of you lies that molten core, covered in watery depths, seemingly mysterious and unfathomable.  And yet, we humans are spurned forward in our innate curiosity for understanding ourselves throught he world around us.  Truly the world is but a giant mirror, showing us who and what we are.  The degree to which we turn from the nature of nature is the degree to which we deny our own nature.  We and nature are one.  Nature and Creator are One.  One looks into the other and the trick is that they are different, somehow not the same.  But it isn't.  And yet it is, all at once.  Somewhere Creator thought it would be a great idea to make a corner of its universe capable of seeing itself in this way.  We, children of its becoming, are working out the great mystery that it is.

We are each individual and separate, all at once.  One is not illusory, one is chosen, created out of a broad realm of knowing and yearning.  The echoes of this yearning live on in our dna, a Choice to be a certain way, a sacred path of becoming.  Some call it illusory, but that is only part of the story.  To know more, you must go deeper into it.  Your mind, your very brain, is a reflection of a given choice made a long time ago, and yet it also has the innate capacity to become every form on the planet if it needs to.  As you rested and grew in your mother's womb, you moved through the long hallways of all life here.  You were reptile, mammal and primate.  You grew a tail, lost it, only to build a different body as your very dna mused over the path that all higher life has taken. Somehow, this is important as it has been stamped upon your brain, embedded in the cells of your nervous system and makes up the wiring of what makes you you. But together, we take this journey through these many lives, a family of humankind, a family that knows itself as All here. As we take the step into this next big thing, which is as ancient as the stars, a new wrinkle in our being emerges.  Now, at this place in history as the population builds and the resonant frequency allows for a broader interpretation and experience of life here and what it means to have reached this place, only to go further into the next dimension of experience, we are faced with Awakenings that are happening as a result of all of this.  Will the species bring forth a new form of life?  And what does this mean for us?  Perhaps it is as simple as getting it all right internally so that the power of an awakening can be best utilized for bringing us to this place.   Some might say its the move from what we were to something else, and while that may be true, the way that it can take form is not necessarily something that will separate us from what was before, but join us again as it has always done, deeper and deeper still, down into that world that is reflected in all of nature.  Perhaps it means that we are readying to move into a new community of souls, some of whom aren't even human, but part of some still larger community of beings who are themselves waiting for us.  Our relatives who have gone before us.  our paths perhaps intertwined in more ways than we might even know but that our myths and old stories reveal as the fire crackles in the night as we tel our winter stories and dream a whole new world into being within the shimmering screens of our imagination.  The fires we sit before now still flicker but its with a blue t.v. light as a whole world of possibility seeks to bring itself to its maker.  Maker and made, looking back at each other, all a part of each other, each imbued with the gift that was loaded in the dice of destiny from the start. 

Inside of you lives the next big thing.  It is not something your mind can conceive.  It means bringing what we think of as being our more rudimentary senses or sensibilities.  Within the hands of feeling lie our ability to conceive as broadly as the oceans spread and surge before us. The path to this place is through feeling.  Your imagination carries the keys.  Never think that your imagination is anything less than real because what is real is the least understood thing here.  Our greatest sages and gurus all want to agree that this is all illusory, but for them, that was the next big thing, but the big thing keeps expanding as our ability to imagine and conceive expands within our awareness.  In truth, its endless, our awareness, we just have to learn how to feel into it and once in it, move through it with the facility that we each have.  Time to grow up, time to enter the great cosmic community.  A world interconnected.  We are dreaming it, becoming it, trying to understand it in all its shades and possibilities, with freewill at the helm always.  We rise and fall on that one simple element planted in us, not a scourge but an opportunity for learning and becoming.  Will our need to discover and move forward overcome our need to destroy the very life that sustains us?  I am hopeful.  And if not, then a lesson it will wind up being, and it wont be the first time.  But with each step, we come closer to something deep and ineffable, entirely mysterious and deliriously wonderful. 

As we move into the deepening winter, I hope deeper things still for you, for in those depths lies the story of who you are to become within the shifting sands of freewill, the very tool that allows for creativity to unfurl within.  It makes YOU a co-creative being.  We each have a voice in all of this, each of us combining and bringing into the Collective Interconnectivity of the planet. Drops becoming waves, waves becoming the tsunami that washes up on shore, washing away what was before, making room for something new.  Its big, and its in you.  Blessings!

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