Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lineage

Your being here is no mistake.  Your being composed as you are of salt water is no mistake.  Your being arranged as you are is no mistake. The masculine is composed in the physical as a mirror of the spirit, just as is the feminine.  As we create new life physically, we create new life spiritually.

You were born of a being that was both mother and father to you.  Out of this infinite self you were conceived outside of time to live in time and space.  Only through the interplay of the creative force that is moved only by the interplay of the masculine and feminine, did you come into being. Only in this way are worlds formed, and ideas nurtured.  If you are reflective and can observe calmly as you are creative you will feel the masculine and feminine move within you.  those who are highly creative do this without giving it a single thought, but if they were to do so, they would feel how the currents and tides of the feminine await the flow of the masculine through her.  And through her, his invigorating force is given voice, purpose.  Without her, his is a frustrated universe that can teeter into madness. He needs Her just as She needs Him in order to know what her great capacity for nurturing the infinite can be.  The wo are not separate, but opposite ends of the same continuum.  The attributes we assign to each we do so out of a deeper knowing.  No man is complete without his inner feminine and no woman is complete without the masculine as well.

To know your parentage, your great spiritual lineage is to embrace the paradox of being.  its a bit like looking into a hall of mirrors.  In you lies the seed of the creator.  In you lies a channel for the creator to move and flow, like a landscape that has rivers flowing through it, bringing it life and purpose in creation.  And while the mirror of the creator lives in you, you were born or a lineage, and the consciousness that gave you being was itself given the breath of individuality by a still greater being dreaming itself.  Your parents are you, and you are your parents.  You can trace your awareness back to them and through them, you can know the vastness of being of which you are a part.  The cell that lives in your left elbow is every bit as much the body as the body is itself. All parts move together, and at no point can you say there is an individual because there is a dizzying array of individuals living in you right now, and you live within a still larger body that is the cosmos.  Your family is the human family, and the seeming final border of your skin does not keep you from exploding out into the world, into this great cosmos.

You were born royal and were born into this world like an orphan.  But the orphans of this world will discover their lineage in direct proportion to how deeply they sink into their essence.  You do not need any intermediary, for your soul is boundless and knows the realm from which it was given life.  The great trouble we have is in concieving that humans are unable to touch upon their lineage, and thus are kept in a kind of slavery to ideals that never served them. For as holy as some may be, their words if distorted, do not serve us.  In this small piece of writing, this sense is expressed, even by a greatly revered man:

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The Divine Lineage

Sri Kaleshwar performing arthi to his master, Shirdi Baba
Sri Kaleshwar performing arthi to his master, Shirdi Baba
Shirdi Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Kaleshwar are part of the Divine Lineage. Sri Kaleshwar says we all need the help of divine souls to find God. “How to suck cosmic energy? That’s called the God energy. We can easily suck cosmic energy. It has to be through some holy persons. We can’t handle that cosmic energy directly. Through some holy person, maybe Jesus, Shirdi Baba, any Ma, any Baba, any Swami, any holy man, any holy soul. It’s through them. First we have to be able to receive their energy—to taste. When you are ready to taste their energy, then that energy makes you to connect to the cosmic. Without tasting the love from the master, from the holy man, from any traditional strong soul man…if you can’t get love from him, if you can’t receive the energy from him, if your heart is closed to such type of people, there is no chance––you can’t suck the cosmic energy. You can’t connect to the universe. You can’t connect to the Creation of nature. We have to understand––we’re just a small peanut in the biggest, huge God Creation. In the incredible Creation, we are just a small, small nut.”


We are in our physical small, but we are the petal on a still larger lotus, and in being part of that lotus, can find the path towards a still greater awareness of being.  And in that awareness, we know we are far more than what we seemed we were.  To do this is nothing extraordinary.  It does not require you to go to the mountain.  You merely need to feel deeply into yourself.  It only requires reflection, openness, a willingness to think anew.  If we do not, we will live as orphans and never know the great lineage from which we have sprung.  It is time for this lineage to emerge like brilliant lines of gold ringing the planet.  It is not a grandiose thing, but a silent thing that has been with us always, waiting for when we were ready to dream it.  But to dream is not to imagine only, but to create, to enter into those worlds like this world, to find the deeper truth in what it is to be gifted in this way by Creator.  Our lineage will ring throughout the world as each person wakes up to the truth of their being beyond the pain that they feel defines them.  How about the joy that defines you?  How about the divinity that defines you?  How about the great mystery that awaits you in this vast world juicy and ripe?

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