Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Way Of Things

The bright dawn
the bringing of new light
charges the air
now pregnant with the possible.
He is there
a great thunderbolt
of a thing
a brilliant ray of warming sun
where every eye is drawn
yet his brilliance is nothing
if not for a tender leaf or shoot
upon which to fall
into which he may know a new life.

Into the bloom
she rests
not obvious
her delicious nature
is wrapped
in blue and red
of berries
and flowers
so that when the grace of him
falls upon the wonder of her
she may take him into her
secret world
and make of him something
he dare not imagine.

This is her world
and we have not been expert
in seeing it
but we all know it is there
even if our eyes do not show
what the heart does surely know.
She is wrapped now
in hard outer shells
but breathing within
is another life
and everything that will spring from her
which is a profusion
of all life.

We like to think the light is what does it
or that some thunderbolt struck earth
and made the perfect condition from which
life might spring.
In truth She had to be there to take what was
rendering it into pure miraculousness
and bearing new life upon the world.

it wasn't one or the other
but both
that did this.
We are dazzled by his brilliance
or awed by her mystery.
But somewhere between the two
there lies the truth of the matter
and in its marrow
deep within the heart of it
is the secret
which I am telling you
has always been the Two
has always existed side by side
and folded one into the other.
We are duped by what we want to see
and are lured from what is before us
within us
wrapping us in the tender secret
that are the Two
bear the Third.

There can be no other way of this
or around it
except straight through.
Like lobes of the earth's magnetosphere
there is not a single point where north pole
turns to south
or negative turns to positive.
They work together
always have
and always will
even if we are too careless to see
or reflect within ourselves
to know the great truth
that they are...
or that you are
that we are
that all things are,
their being remains
an irrefutable reality
even as dawn breaks
upon dim minds
and breathes the life of genius into them
as All who are new to this will be
first foolish
then turned to their wiser nature
as old memory takes hold
and the circular path to the All
is glimpsed.

The great cooperation
is only possible because of how they are made
to be one of the other
not apart
not ever
but an engine for creation
for all things
just as the All envisioned
in its origins
which was that it was made of this
and passed it down
 a vibrant sphere
made up of Her and of Him
all at once
indefinable together
so wrapped together
but necessary
to push and pull agains the other
so nothing would ever settle back into stillness.
Never again into that great stillness before
beginnings were realized
and could be brought into being.

It isn't a mystery why there would be war amongst them.
it isn't a mystery that there would be peace amongst them.
It isn't a mystery because everything was given to them
even if what they each choose
or have chosen
was less than what was possible.
But what is possible is what we should each strive for
so that we may know anew
the great unfolding wonder
seeking to break free like some fiery bird
that are these two
folded into One
birthing the third.

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Anonymous said...

...just love this, especially....
simple. uncomplicated.

"They work together
always have
and always will
even if we are too careless to see
or reflect within ourselves
to know the great truth
that they are."..