Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Bears Heaven To Earth

When I awoke I awoke to a world I had always known but had expanded to include an awareness of the inside of things....a secret world that I had known about for a very long time and yet, for specific reasons, its full volume had not been raised in my awareness.

Before I begin let me say that I think that as humans we think we know much yet if we knew the vast store yet to be known I think it would absolutely humble us....for as we consider that lifeforms that have no nervous system, like plants, do not nor cannot feel, I find this so amazing now to consider that it seems almost silly to consider.  We assume that higher life must be ordered a certain way and only those who change their environment the most are somehow the superior ones.  If you could step for five minutes into the worlds I have seen, you would know just how silly all of this is....that consciousness does not come about from the vehicle it rises out of or because of, but rather because OF consciousness and that this same consciousness makes a very willful choice to BECOME what it must in order to experience the vastness that consciousness has lain before it.....and this includes stars, atoms, planets, rocks and dew drops as well as bacteria, flies, fir trees and grasses and flowers and orangutans, ancient flighted birds, races of humanoids now long gone from the face of the earth and our own species.  Fish and birds, mammals, insects, plants, spores, molds, lichen.  All of it is experiencing a vital form of fulfillment here and who are we to say what is better or somehow superior?  There is so much you could learn from the dance of subatomic particles....perhaps the entire secret wrapped in reality!  And certainly there is far more to mere physical observation, but an energetic form of observation that can lead you beyond your own locality and merge you into vast swarms of experience and knowing.  All of this sounds kooky and crazy perhaps to some, and yet those who have awakened all speak of similar things.  It is so because they are tapping an inner sensory world that most who are so focused on the sensory world (through the gross five senses) entirely miss.  But I assure you that there is another dimension of sensory experience every bit as rich and alive as the one that bring you the dew upon a leaf or a rainbow in the sky.  Because it is energetically based, it touched upon nonlocallity, and it is this nonlocal nature of energy that is huge.

For our fleet-footed kind, the way of bringing this rich energetic world into the earth is through a field of energy that surrounds all living things.  For us, humans, this energy field is much the same as the field that surround the earth.  For the earth, it is being generated by iron rich magma that sets up a strong electromagnetic field.  This protects the earth, thankfully, from the scouring effect of cosmic rays.  Humans have something very similar, a field that is generated from the circulation of iron rich blood in the body.  Perhaps weaker in some respects, but it is out of this field that the human aura can be glimpsed as information that is connected in the neurocircuitry is radiated outward and can be read or picked up on.  This is the domain of the nonphysical senses since the eyes cannot see into this vibration of "light" or energy radiation, but the brain is dutiful in putting it into a "slot" within itself as a way to translate very real and vivid information flowing in.  The difference for some is being able to still the mind enough to no longer filter out the information.  once you do or can, this world can unfold before you and the interesting thing is just how simple the process is.  Perhaps too simple for the rational mind to take hold of and grasp.  Like two wires sitting side by side that leak some radiant energy around itself and is picked up as a bleed through, so too does the nerves in the body and the cells pick up on the energy around it.  We swim in it.  It is part of our own circuitry and what we are.  There is ample evidence for this world if you just know how to look.  It is what you are.

The awareness of energy brings a dizzying sense of pleasure, joy, and bliss.  This is what happens when the soul awakens to itself, when the mind is less cluttered and less divided within itself.  But when awakening does happen, a new world bursts forth, seemingly new, onto the stage of awareness.  It has been there all along and now it is dawning on you, in you, for you.  The aspects within that caused this awareness to be divided now fall away as the engine of stronger energetic awareness now moves in you.  You see things you never saw before.  You feel things you never felt before.  The lights are brighter, the tastes seem more vivid, and life takes on a look that it didn't seem to have before.  This is "heaven" being born to earth.  This is the subtle world now no longer subtle.

There are endless methods and techniques for how to get to this place, but everything I have seen is erasing what divides you is the singular key to awakening, no matter what it is that has happened. As a result of this, you can awaken without having had NAY practice.  Currently there is a yoga craze, and I think this is good.  Yoga is very good for you, but if yoga worked to awaken people, there would be millions more who would be awakened.  No, it is far simpler than this, so simple in fact that it is so easily overlooked.  It isn't outside you.  It isn't a thing that you find. It is simply what you are.  And what we are is heavenly.

Something is clearly happening on the earth.  Awakenings are coming now at rapid fire pace.  There is a network of energy that is rising and is self supporting and reinforcing.  Is it the dawn of a new era?  I think it could be, but this will be up to us to determine what it is going to look like.  Awakening just does not make you enlightened.  Such a weird word....because it suggests some destination.  There isn't any.  Once you awaken, that is JUST the beginning.  There is, for those who awaken without having had ANY practice, so much to do, to clean up, to set right, to heal within in order that the flow of heaven can shine as clearly as it can. But one thing is for certain I think; being there in such a place is huge.  So let's not squander this; build the field.  Build your field.  Make it a fortress of peace, a fountainhead of inspiration.  Sure we aren't perfect, but let's at least try something better.  It is within reach.  Finally.  The change of the world could be tied up within this, each person doing their part instead of going on crusades or wars or revolutions.  When there is no more need to change others, the change comes upon us that we sought.  When we let go heaven comes flooding in.

IT is so simple.  It bears us to heaven.  It is what we are.  And THAT is what self realization is all about!

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