Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Technical Note

Apparently, on occassion, when my connection to the internet is going a little wonky or it looks as though my browser is not registering a post or when Blogger tells me that some update or "save" has not been saved, it in fact actually IS being saved.  Not aware of this, I try to save the post, which happened not too long ago with the post The Tuning Fork.  For some reason blogger was telling me that the post was not "taking" and thus I continued to post until it showed me the screen that tells me that it is successfully posted.  This may be the result of an older browser lacking some elements that include updating correctly.  As a result, I created a flurry of the same post many times on my blogroll and may have pumelled those of you who follow the blog with a slew of identical or nearly identical postings even though there is in fact only one.  I found that there were numerous copies of the post while I was done with my editing and quickly deleted them, but not before those numerous copies went out into circulation.  My apologies.

So note to self; update that browser and consider keeping each post in draft form until i am sure it is fully edited. 

Many writings, especially the older ones, were not part of a traditional writing or blogging experience.  These were highly spontaneous creations that sought to give myself great freedom, which also meant that some had no edits at all and often bore misspellings, grammar issues....things that would drive a pendant crazy.  But for me, they were gold, and were part of the nonlinear process of creation, reflection, and inner development involving finding ones voice.  If you are familiar with spiritual work, all of this can come in waves, layers, and deepening moments as one proceeds through ones divestment process which often goes hand in glove with karmic release.  Like a distilling process where grapes turn to wine, it goes from one thing to another and has many points along the way....

So my apologies to anyone who was buried beneath piles of these posts and I will try to remain more conscious of these little technical aspects as I am able.


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