Friday, October 24, 2014

Healing the Womb of Woman and Man - The Return To The Garden

The old lineage speaks of the light body containing both the man and woman, a kind of totality in one.  The yin and yang.  Lock and key.  We are this.  All is this, down to the atom.  Simple, uncomplicated, but capable of great complexity.  The making of reality, of worlds. 

In each of us twin currents reside.  These two we call the man and woman.  What they are is a mystery.  Keeping them a mystery gives them room to grow.  Within us all, the marrow of matter and the soul of being exists a template, a field of energy that naturally organizes within us a range of vibration.  This field, which is the light body, capacitated by the electricity that our bodies generate, we bring the cosmic into our bodies.  Conductors of the cosmic bliss field.  But awareness is necessary to turn it on.  Within it lies a range of vibrations, currents and bundles of energy that go from low to high.  Within this field fear can cause energy to slow, creating an attenuation of the flow. Within this flow, the chakras spin and move, vortices corresponding to different vibrations that serve to make up our experience.  As each center is cleared, awareness clears also.  What once mastered us is no longer.  Old programs in this field are overwritten.  A new story is possible.  The chalk board, which seemed chiseled in stone is rendered to clarity and emptiness. 

IN each of us lies a center within the root to sacral that is the foundation for the creative energies that we use to build our lives; our abundance, our sense of nurture, self worth, and creative potential.  Little surprise that these form a kind of nexus where the creative energies are at their peak in the most sensual of ways.  As long as these centers are blocked, it is hard for many to create from the place of the root/sacral duality.  This forms, energetically, a womb within.  It is a place, where whether you are a man or woman, you can tap into it and begin healing this area within your energy field, the light body.  For men who have not experienced nurture as children, feeling the flow of this energy within is an epiphany moment.  It has the capacity to heal and set right what had been wrong for so long.  For women, it can put you back in touch with the nurturing force that brought you into this world and which you emulate now as a woman. This nurturing sense that lies within the feminine psyche is powerful when we are aligned with bodies that are female.  The spiritual becomes manifest for women, and the healing power that a woman holds exists in her ability to birth new ideas, new ways of being and seeing.  Woman is one side of the creative paradigm.  And so it should be no surprise that when men are able to tap this region that it can put them into touch with their own creative potential.  This is about making men less then men, but waking us all up more to our potentials as human beings.  This is less about the experience of actual conception and life nurture in the womb and more about how our energy bodies coincide with these parts of us. 

The great challenge is that the womb of every person on the planet is in rough shape.  The act of clearing this, of cleansing and healing is something that will make your own creative potential something that is capable of reaching a new place of realization.  I wont say it will make you crazy creative, because creativity is in truth something that we bid....that we bring into us as a type of grace that is akin to falling in love.  It is a surrender of the self to something larger within and without. It is really quite beautiful.  Its message touches on this world and more. 

It is time to recognize the feminine in each of us so that we might be nurtured, softened, humanized, awakened to our greater potential. 

For the last year I have been doing this work, feeling the last parts of my own inner clearing take place as what remains expresses as a field of old hurt radiating through my energy body, now chiseled down to the root and sacral and which now feels like.....a womb form.  So much of it now is about a fundamental form of creativity, of rebuilding the self, of remaking the self.  It is here in our own energy womb that we do this.  While I have a keen awareness of feeling the past in this region, simply placing your awareness in this location is enough to begin to build awareness. Imagination, believe it or not is the builder of reality when it comes to the energetic world. It is in this gateway that all creation begins. 

Breathing into the center is one way to being feeling your energetic potential there.  the results of getting in touch with it might not be immediate for some.  Give it time.  Using your mind to see this region of your body being cleansed by a wave of deep ocean blue, of wind, or fire.  Burning, transforming, cleansing.  Feeling into this, imagine that what comes out of this center is moved upward and transmuted as it goes.  These ancient ghosts need not be known or seen.  it is the past and it is enough to allow them to remain this way.  Moving this material is itself the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself and the planet because it frees up creative potential in a way that is new.  It is something that we all could use here on the earth. 

Allowing breath to become the chief means for moving energy, you can imagine breath as water or fire or any number of elements that serve to move energy in your body.  A simple "I am ready" is often enough to begin the loosening process and then being willing to go back to it numerous times to reinforce the loosening.  Pay attention to your dreams and giving yourself the suggestion upon going to sleep that you will continue to do this work in your dreaming will help to reinforce awareness about the issue.  the first step toward healing is awareness.  Just like with creativity, there is also another aspect to the creation and healing paradigm; incubation.  Often using the conscious mind is necessary to initiate the process of healing, but the subconscious may need some times for the information to perculate through it if it is going to be of any assistance.  This incubation period is indeterminate; everyone is different so a day or week or month....and even years are possible.  The trick I have found is that when you can cease trying to achieve preconceived notions of what it is you need or want, you literally allow the most easily things to be healed first.  I can tell you that in awakening, my release of material has gone in a fashion where the easiest things have gone first.  It all has had a logic of its own that is based on the path of least resistance.  Do you know what is the most ready to go within you? It is possible to let your higher self do the work for you.  To do this, you simply need to take a simple perspective; allow yourself to be led.  Christians speak of giving it up to God.  This is itself not that different. When we surrender like this, we put our fate into the hands of our higher order, our higher selves.  It always results in the best possible outcome each and every time. It means learning to trust instead of having to always try to figure out what needs to be done.  When stacked against cosmic consciousness, I choose it each and every time over the mere rational mind.  There is something about its existing outside of time that gives it a unique perspective. 

If you can follow this kind of route, you can, without aid of teacher or guru, find the exact things that you need most to heal and release.Your awareness will grow with each release, with each shift.  As this happens, these releases can lead to large avalanches within that helps to lead you back to your essential self. 

It is time.  You can create this garden within one release at a time just like a gardener pulls up old noxious weeds.  The secret?  The Tree of Life lives inside of us.  The Garden of Eden is who we are, our light bodies.  Adam and Eve both exist side by side within us in our light bodies, the fusion of the yin and yang, the shakti and shiva.  We were meant to be this.  Not androgynous, no, but bearing the most that we can be so that we can understand more clearly how to bridge the gaps that may greet us in life less as problems and more as opportunities for understanding and healing. 

May we all find the light that is within, to know it in each moment in each day.  This light has the power to transform us.  All of us. 

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