Friday, March 4, 2016


For a while, as you have no doubt noticed, this blog has been very irregular in the posts added to it. 

I wanted to update you and let you know that I am currently working on a new line of content that addresses much of the information in the book I have been working on for close to seven years now (wow--- really that long!).  I decided that instead of not offering up techniques that absent the rocket-ship experience of awakening on your side, people do indeed need some clues into the mystery that is awakening.  I am working on making things simpler and more straight forward.  Its not easy for me as a holistic or visual thinker to keep it simple but this new content is focused on just that. 

I am skimming the cream off of my own experience as well as my own "epiphany talks" or inner inquiries about the nature of a whole range of issues from how the light body detects information across vast distances, to the catalytic effect that prana in abundance (which is just what awakening is or can be) will do to the psyche and self.  For the better. 

Currently I am working on a series of modules that are all designed to move you from one stage of completion to another.  I am including all of the triggers for awakening including not just the old tried and true ones, but the ones that were operative in my own awakening experience.  This will result in a course that will lead the student to the level of comprehension that I think is crucial for a beneficial awakening process to get underway.  Considering how life changing an awakening is, I think its crucial that there is appropriate support for preparing for this experience. 

So.  A  modern mystery school with language that is not steeped in mythologies or semi-religious undertones. 

Once the content is fleshed out and fine tuned, I will be setting up a web portal for the material and inviting those who are interested in taking part in the next stage of Waking The Infinite as a living document and method for realization.  How long this will take is hard to say for certain.  I already have about half of what I consider the "core" material in hand and am currently producing the supporting material that will help supplement the core materials.  My goal is to have most of the materials in place by this summer with a design for a web portal necessary after that. 

Thanks for reading and being a part of the process!

नमस्ते - Nemaste


Dave H. said...

Very interesting!

I am going through a thorough purification experience myself, and it's always interesting to hear from someone else who talks about this stuff! That's still unfortunately pretty rare compared to number of people who talk about initial "non-dual" stages as being the be-all and end-all

Him said...

Welcome, brother! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Right now I am working on collecting interviews with people just like yourself about their awakening experience. If you are interested in putting any of your observations down for an interview, I am sure the readers here would be most interested. Being a westerner without a desire to cleave to a faith or dogma, I find this approach to be the next emergent voice in the realm of the awakening experience. I love it when people from India come on and tell me matter-of-factly that there is NO WAY I could have gotten this without a guru.