Sunday, March 13, 2016

Looking Forward - New Tools For Awakening

I have been writing and, as a visual person, trying to make sense of a bewildering experience.....which is also a blessing, a challenge, a curse, a wonder, and a giant question (which is awakening).  And in the midst of it all I have recoiled from using techniques or methods.  There is a reason for this, a really big one....and the big challenge for me has been HOW to communicate a FEELING to people, which becomes the foundation of a given kind of work in awakening.  And yet, techniques continue to be touted and used....and often, sadly, without comprehension about what they are good for.  And on the other hand, I know that in some ways techniques can assist us in reaching certain places within ourselves.  And ultimately, this is what awakening does for us.  It installs, permanently, the energetic circuitry in our consciousness for bliss and ecstatic states of being.  This can lead to insight and fulfillment.

That is because the process is so simple it says. "Yes, I know.....but how do I get it across?" I wonder.

Maybe poetry it says.  "Poetry.  No one wants to really read poetry!"  Nonsense. They do.  If it is good.  Remember Rumi?  How do you show people the way to the chamber of bliss except by using your words, creating images in their heads?

So. I am working on ways to make all of this simple. I wonder if that is possible.  Today as I drove through town, this voice in my head said Maybe you should develop "the Stafford Method" of meditation and then teach it to people to see how effective it is.  A few minutes later, I though that the thought was a little silly.  Meditation has been in use for a very long time, really--- what is there that I would be able to provide that would be new?  It isn't always new. Sometimes you create combinations that work for a given time or place that are specific to those.  So I am thinking about this. I am wondering if its possible, and maybe feeling a little relief in the idea of developing a way to meditate for those who do not have it already. 

But already I have numerous articles on aspects of awakening and the bones of an emerging system that might turn into an online course.  There is a lot of content there, but I think that when it is to the point and aids the person who is interested in awakening specifically, then the value of what I am conveying in the work is fairly substantial. Ultimately I would like very much to be a part of a larger effort, a web ring of people who are all engaged in awakenings specifically.  An online ashram, or a Mystery School.

My hope is that I can get moving on this by the Fall once the remainder of the main material has been written and then a web site is set up to house it. 


Doge from beyond said...

Hi Him,

From your posts, it seems like you are mostly concerned with the energy centres in the central channel. I have noticed that much, maybe most, of my subconscious dualistic blockages are located in my arms and legs.

Do you do any practices specifically concentrating on these parts of the body?

Him said...

You are right, Doge, I do discuss the 7 major centers more than the others, but somewhere on the blog is a discussion of the full energy body, which includes the arms and legs. It's useful to mention here the issue you are bringing up, which is that there are thousands of these centers (perhaps millions) and that the seven major centers (chakra's) are the ones most discussed because they are the most obvious to people. Having said that, I applaud your awareness of the centers in your legs....because they are every bit as important as any other part of the body.

I have found that there are a number of ways to help release blocked energy in the light body. One is through movement. Qi Gung (also Gong) is very useful, especially if you have a teacher who really knows his or her stuff (not just someone teaching the moves). Also, it has been shown that shaking has a correlation with the body and its capacity to store latent emotional material. Look up Shaking Medicine online as there is a therapy developed related to stored material that is fairly new. Osho has had something about ecstatic dance/shaking that I think works....and its based on an inner energetic quivering that can be mirrored in the body that can relieve issues or remove them.

One method I have used especially when kundalini is really working strong is to simply focus my attention on a specific center in meditation or even throughout the day and do just intention, no thought, but thinking/knowing that this helps to direct the prana flow even more. I picked up on this when my third eye opened. It was done by simply focusing on that one center (I had no idea what was about to happen though!). The energy goes where we focus. This type of focusing the flow can take a while to work for areas that are "dug in."

Another way that is also very helpful is to work with a practitioner who does both deep tissue massage and who works with energy. Many go hand in hand. I was able to locate a therapist who does something called Kahuna Massage, which is a balancing of the yin/yang with an understanding of blocks. Its not unlike the Chinese perspective (and my practitioner is melding the two, I think). But by knowing where some of your blocks are, which it sounds like you do, you can direct the therapist quickly to an area of concern, which is what I did with my Kahuna therapist. The work we were able to do was directed, focused, and VERY helpful.

Absent any of that, there are acupuncturists, who do about the same thing, and if you know the centers and can feel the blocks, you can direct them to a location if you can feel the block clearly enough. I did this a few times with a local acupuncturist as well as with my Kahuna therapist, and the results were fairly positive. I'd like to try acupressure, though, since I sense that the touch with prana in the practitioner is helpful. Having a therapist who can use their intuition and not just work on you more or less mechanically I have found is very useful. When I have asked my acupuncturist to follow his intuition or gut, the results have always been more substantive. It works, I think, partly because I know if I hold that intention in the run-up to the visit, the practitioner will be guided gently by that vibe. Reiki can also be very good for release of this material also.

Best of luck on this stage of clearing blocks! Most folks aren't even aware that they exist in places like the legs, but they do. Some of them correspond to some very foundational issues, so I think they are important but often get overlooked. Let us know how it goes, though! It would be a very interesting topic for a future blog entry should you be interested in sharing your experience!

Doge from Beyond said...

Nice idea about the massage! I had been thinking about getting massage or something like that, but didn't really consider it 'real' practice for some reason. Your post made me reconsider, and I ended up going to a masseuse who seemed to be able to clear up all sorts of stuff. Like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

I'm not totally interested in sharing my experiences as a blog post just now, but perhaps later when I have cleared up more or all stuff.

Also, I thought you might be interested in the blog at . It is written by Kim Katami, the leader of the sangha I am part of ( They are really the only people I have seen who talk about blockages and purification and results with as much detail and depth as you do.

Him said...

I'm glad that the massage helped---I assume the toothpaste tube alludes to a good clearing!

Now worries about sharing what you found. There is a LOT of dark hard stuff we have accumulated....and I think we who are going through this get it. It is one reason why I tend to keep things in the realm of the method or a certain level of awareness without specifics. The tar pit exists, but we don't need to hang out there. Thank's for sharing your information and the readers will certainly appreciate your link. I am glad you have a community of folks that can help you in this process. I put up a post on the lower chakras, btw.