Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Emotional Responsibility

Have you ever had an experience where you became upset with someone for making you feel a certain way? They kept pushing your buttons and you reacted in frustration or anger. In life it is easy to see how it is that people are the ones who upset us, hurt, or cause us pain. 

But in truth, it is we who choose to react the way that we do.  We don't like to admit that this is so, but it is.  Just as we think that others cause us pain, we also rely on others to bring us joy and happiness.  The only problem is that the source for joy is found in us, not in others.  When we do make people responsible, what we are doing is handing our power over to them so that we are unable to feel anything without someone else's involvement. In psychology, we have a concept called projection, and its pretty common for all of us to project onto others our own faults so that we swear that our neighbor or a family member or co-worker is actually the one who is at fault or who falls short. 

I have seen this behavior in action in my life with people I was close to, and it is the strangest thing to experience.  It has also been one of my button issues.  People seeking to skape-goat me.  And you could say that what I really need to do is not worry about what others do and tend to my own stuff.  As I have worked over the years to clear away countless blocks in the light body, what the (in the nadi or meridian channels of the light body), I have found that I become less and less effected by the shortcomings of others.  Slowly, the stone is worn away. 

Being able to come to a place where you can stop making everyone the source of your happiness or your displeasure is significant.  It is a point of power.  When you take back what is yours, you shift the rules of engagement so that you are clear about whose stuff is whose.  By letting people be who they are without needing to get in the middle of their mess, the mess can remain theirs.

The benefit to seeing in this way is that it can help you to identify your own junk that you need to let go.  This material is almost always unresolved emotions that have been submerged into the body where they form blocks in the light body.  I know how that sounds, but everything points to this as a fact. While the literal memory of the emotion may not be stored in the body, there is a direct relationship between hundreds of thousands of small points in the energy body that can be massaged, or moved in order to release the stored material.   It is also possible that we do actually store unprocessed emotion in the body through a process that we do not fully understand yet. The body itself has as many neurons in the human gut, for example, as in the brain of the average cat.  That is a lot of power for processing information.  While it may do this in a very different way than the brain does, the idea that our bodies think is new to western medicine, but an ancient observation among many cultures throughout the world. 

When these blocks release, the emotion that was associated with it also goes.  It is akin to having a "reset" and is as though the issue had never been there. The cease "dwelling" on whatever the block was about.  Is it possible that this helps to rewire the brain in some way? I think that this is indeed possible.

You might know, rationally, that the way you wind up feeling when it comes to one of these blocks makes no sense, but you will be virtually powerless to do much to resist it.  But not letting the emotions stir in you is different than the release I am writing about.  It is a whole other animal, in fact.  Something significant happens when these releases take place.  It is like rewriting some script.  The freedom opens up new vistas. 

Being able to become responsible for what you feel, knowing that no one makes you feel anything is an important step in self realization. 

For more on blocks and how to work with them, search blocks and healing them on this blog.


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