Monday, June 13, 2016

True Buddhas

Forget the Buddha, sitting in quiet meditation as he sits on a golden lotus. Or Christ as though asleep quietly napping on the cross...Forget what you think you know...

For these and others who were real men and women of greatness among us, they have been dressed and redressed over countless years so that they have been made from our own desires, which is been that they are made into more than us.

But the Buddha in you is not this. This is the wish of the unknowing....and the Buddha, which is a nature, rests in everything. It is not one person but all of us. It is not resting on a pedestal or made more than it is. It is not one person, like Jesus was made into this God-man....only accessible by letting him into your heart.  I say, he is always present, the same as a Buddha, all pointing to the exact same thing...It is us, right here as we lose our car keys, mend broken cabinets, taking in sweet evening air. And because of this, Buddha lives right along with our common selves, smiling a world of joy because it is this and all the rest.

To heck with our false sense of divinity. Buddha farts and burps and....and oh did Jesus Christ the middle Eastern Buddha love to cuss. "Those damned Pharisees!" He said that, you just need to look. Its kind of a secret.

But you see, this makes these heroes real. We resist this...but we need it badly because we look to them for how to be. Don't be false! See the humanness and the divine as easy partners with each other. They are not a paradox to be solved, only a reality to be experienced. No I am not saying not to try to improve. I mean be realistic. If you do, you are closer to the Buddha nature in you.

Those who study the Kundalini yoga and say how they look forward to lessening personality are fooling themselves. That, and setting their poor friends, for some eventual neurotic behavior. Anything you seek to control only winds up going out of control. Work with it on its own level and you will know the path best suited for its greater becoming and it a person place event or thing. All things seek their own specialized balance. Some things may be correcting course even as they seem totally "off." Don't pretend to be the Buddha hero man. Be the Buddha that yearns to be within you. You begin with where and what you are now.

There are Buddha's who are butchers, singers, carpenters...mechanics and masseuse's and writers and prostitutes. Some are thieves, some are leaders. Some hide in the seemingly most diminished amongst us. This nature resides in all things. Beyond time, you can glimpse your infinite nature as time unravels your sweet mystery for you to see....and you are infinite....expanding in all directions as you and then all the you'd you have ever been.

Don't put on airs. Be yourself. The universe cherishes the diversity of itself....seen in you and the endless others,craftily hidden inside every particle and every one of you.  Don't fool yourself; be real and honest. Be easy and be true. Show no shame and don't shame others....for someday their Buddha will bloom and you wouldn't want to have hurt a Buddha and her chances of opening her petals all the way.

Let's just be real. Let's strip away the glaze and gloss on our hero's and see them as each of us are...traveling and seeking for the hidden trigger that will release the flow of the cosmic in us. It is each of us.



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