Friday, March 10, 2017


Over the next few days I am going to be sharing with you variety of different posts. one of these will reveal the marks of my Awakening. A few years ago I had a post that was titled The Marks of my Awakening and described how I had burn marks on my body as part of my Awakening process. I have felt for years a little funny about posting these images of the marks that have appeared on my body that have been directly related to the kundalini process. However in recent months that resistance has softened and I have decided that I'm going to publish some of those images. Since posting images on another blog I have already found that there are other people who have had similar types of marks on their bodies. In addition to this material I'm also going to be sharing a post that's lighthearted in nature that will cover a lot of the really good music I think that is out there that's great for people who want an alternative to what's on the radio these days. This music could be used as part of a yoga practice but it's also really great music to listen during various stages of my awakening process when I could not handle regular music. The music that I'm going to be sharing with you is much easier to handle while you're going through an Awakening and also being changed in your taste level for music. So that's something to look forward to. I also have a few other tidbits that I want to share with you including a recent clearing that occurred just in the last few days thats been fairly significant.

I will begin to make these posts starting on Saturday and these will be published over a period of several days so there will be a fresh batch of new posts with new information which I hope will be of use to you. Sorry for not posting here more frequently but life has been very busy. I look forward to getting the information out to you and I hope that your spring is shaping up nicely!


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