Saturday, January 15, 2011


I need to know that you need me
I need.
I need to know the depth of your desiring
I need to hear it
know it
visit it
over and over
as if it were for the first time
because each moment IS the first time.
Your touch
your profound desiring
reels me into realms of orgasmic energetics
I am completely amazed
and soothed
and pleased.

I even need
to know
that you can feel this pulse
how your own answers
across no space
no time
where all folds into oneness
a sea which froths
as consciousness dips
into concsiousness
and the One meets the One
and makes the All....
a sacred triad.

I need to hear it upon your breath every moment of the day
just as I yearn to touch upon the petals of your essential self
every second of my existance
the man in me needs this......
so don't hold back.
Seduce me
yearn for me
do not fear
about propriety...
this road travels both ways
into me and out of you
take my hand
and lets groove to this eternal rhythm
I know this is ours to know
to become
to evolve
and wonder in...
sometimes I just need you to say
Shuush.... kiss me....

This communion of souls is what I am to become
what I yearn to be
what I am in my divine self
and what I seek
pilgrim like
and you
along this path
holding my hand
wed to my deepest being
and me to yours....
I cannot do without you.
Its you that I need.

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