Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fact

All foundations fall
that do not serve Its truth
which is that which needs no dogma or lessons
its divine gnosis lives in our bones
secreted by our bodies
is carried on the wind
and carried from flower to flower
a finely twisted code
whose power is so irresistable
we all fall to its great and awesome Touch
which delivers the deeper truth
the inescapable fact
that despite the crazy rules and laws
and beliefs that you surround yourself with
an Awakening can remove.

Must Remove.
Will Remove.
In time.....

your body
turned into something you dare not utter
turned To something---
the profane transformed into the deeply sacred
this is how ever square inch of earth can become heaven
because all of the vile despicable parts of this prison
in truth
the means to deliver you whole cloth
to your beloved
to the One within you
which leads you to the One without you
which lived inside of you since the Beginning
and will be with you until the End
which is itself a beginning.....

I stand
thousands of miles apart
my presence living inside of her
transformed by her presence in me
the Weaving of the two threads
by an invisible third...
little did I know
at the time
that this is the meaning of Tantra.
I saw within me, the Universe,
a giant Loom
Weaver of Souls
it said
Nothing more
as I was drawn into it
as I knew we all will be
as man and woman become
the warp, their yarns alternating
but always consistently complimentary
as the weft fills them
often invisible
but providing constancy
and strength.

We weave in and out and through
as Spirit has no limits
save what we imagine
or impose.

Come and hold these heart strings
they are mine and yours
I would weave them until
through weaving
we come to be as One...
and as the world splits
and falls
and reforms
and becomes what it must
in order to survive
in the new era of its Truth...

Learning this ancient truth
which rises to the surface
of our world
our consciousnesses
and culture
it is time for those to claim their birthright
and let go of centuries of seperation
as they bathe in this light
you and I share.

So heralds
seed pods opening just before the frost falls away
as snow is beginning to turn to rain
as the world warms to this quiet voice
which knows itself as ancient
masculine and feminine
and now popping open
as the bees of this world
lift pollen from flowery buds
and on to the next
as we are ignited
with that which
returns us
to what is most essential
and True,
a Fact beyond dogma
beyond ritual
but containing it
containing All
as we move upward in the spiraling
staircase of our evolution
the code which itself will spill out even more secrets
locked up within it
as Spirit seeks to bring into its lines
new whispers of its truth.

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