Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Are This

Within each
the yin and yang resides
gifted upon creation
these two poles
move throughout
dimensions of being
to learn what It
so the divine mystery may be revealed
and deepened all at once.
When Being is infinite
existence becomes less a journey
than a constant awakening
unto that which
has always been.

this is all illusory.
Its real, but its only real here.
If you come with me
just step out to the side
you will begin to feel a different stream
of time
and know
that its less a stream
than a pulse
a radiation
from the sacred
of the All.

The All is not knowable
for it emerged first
released parts of itself
into what we look back upon
and cry "creation"
but it changes so fast
there is no keeping up with it....
but within you there is a deep knowing of it
a sacred marriage to it
a bond that cannot be undone
even in the midst of your individuality
your dual nature
where masculine energy
and feminine
move and flow and fuel the being that you are

When you understand you have these two poles
and honor and heal them
they can emerge within
and show you
the spiraling being that extends into infinity
and which is your larger self
whose path is one of healing.

This is your higher self
your divine self.
You do not need a religion to plumb its depths.
Its time to let the dogma go
and understand
its time we go beyond these institutions
and resist the need to create such ornament
for the ego and spirit.
For we are more than This
even as we realize we ARE

The truth is
Authority becomes meaningless
when each of us
realizes our divine sovereignty.
The pagans had parts of it right
the Zorasters,
Native Americans
Agnostics even...
and endless numbers of followers
and pilgrims....
but for centuries its been like looking through a glass darkly
as just choice parts of what IS shines through.
Time to let the glass fall.
Just let it go.
Its a simple act of forgetting
and remembering.
Like molting,
the old skin slides away
as the Authentic self emerges.

We who Awaken will
fan the flame
and honor why we are here
which is to live wildly
love deeply
and reveal our capacity for compassion
and deliver the possibility
of feeling heaven anchored to earth.

Earth and Sky
like lovers
reside within us
and wait for that handmaiden to come
to make that rainbow bridge...
when separation will dissolve
and unity consciousness emerges

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