Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cosmic Kaleidescope

I say a lot that I feel strongly about.  Some of it is simple, sometimes complicated.  There is in truth little I know with certainty except this one thing.  Out of it worlds form. Something like the simplicity of an atom, an entire universe rests upon it....that is the kind of poetry I can wrap myself around. 

But I will readily admit some things have me stumped.  Some things don't make sense to me.  And maybe its a flaw in my being able to tap into this thing...

If we come from a perfect place, a boundless sea of perfection, then why do our soul fragments, those parts of our oversoul which projects itself into this and other realities wind up with selves that are themselves less than perfect?

Is it in the manufacture? Is there a glitch along the way, or is it more nuanced?  Could it be that in the translation something happens that does not or will not allow perfection to move through the barriers between one world and the next?  Is it the effect that duality itself has upon us, a way of multiplying the smallest into something ridiculously big?  Is it the result of the Cosmic Kaleidoscope?  Is it the result of a scattering of a few disparate things, like facets on a still larger ball of being that simply results in a loss in translating our deep soulfulness or perfection?  Or do all souls travel this path in duality and......and is there really no answer?  Do we make souls little and then watch them and help them grow in the nursery of these worlds and since they have freewill they can decide crazy paths, ones our soul might not choose simply because it already knows the outcome or simply doesn't focus on all those mistakes it made outside of time?

Or is it perhaps that in a perfect state its less that things are perfect as we do not mind the imperfection and thus are at peace and it is this peace that we sense or are aware of?  Do we simply tune it out, not mind it?

Or perhaps is this a factor, a result of what our world limiting our dimensionality, it also exaggerates something in the process?

Maybe its possible  that this other realm isn't perfect, never was perfect, and we seek some means for ascending that fabled stairway of the spiritual through means such as these and others, all like petals turning on a great and boundless flower garden full of lotus, petunia, honeysuckle, poppy, lily, sunflower, begonia, and fern.  Maybe we assume all if perfect elsewhere....

Certainly the Gnostics, an early Christian sect, felt that this world was the result of some  flaw that had turned within creation, something that came about as a result of an imperfect union at a much higher level.  The Hindus and others have expressed this sense that this world was less than perfect, and it has always been my sense that less than perfect here, we are less than perfect, perhaps sense this deeply yet do not quite enunciate the knowing quite right, injecting our own inner loathing into the mix, a projection less than a reality in the heart of the matter?  I feel like its not completely black and white, though.....

What do you think?

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