Friday, September 9, 2011

Trusting The Multiverse

Trust your experience
your feelings
to tell you what needs to be known
for this very moment.
For all that remains
clouding your vision
it is there to be realized by none other than you.
As your own inner compass tells you that something might not be
quite right
something knowing
in you
begins to turn
and the Truth
which is none other than you
whispers the Way.

The world  may tell you a million different things
or the most trusted authority might say
some ridiculous thing
that you took as utter truth
that has you turning on your heel
wondering how on earth you EVER
believed such a thing.

Love is the way.
Simple as that.
Anything else falls short.
This love has three petals;
mother, father, child.
Nothing else need be known.
Our religions seek to ferret out this truth
all to greater and lesser degrees
but what lay at the heart of religion
lies in our hearts vibrant and alive
in this singular moment.
By tapping the power of the moment
we tap infinity.
This is how things are in our world
where time flows in one direction
and so thus our point of power is in the moment
and in no other stream
for now.

As we begin to change the matrix surrounding the earth
as we are handed the keys to ever greater making
we will begin to change how things used to go
and write a new Way.

There will be those who will cleave to the old and say
things were this way forever,
the authorities were correct
we must follow tradition
and the old teachings....

For a time, they were right
but I am here to say things are beginning to change.
Something is looming
and it has to do with creation.
We are cocreators
children of a still greater Being
that brought All to Be
through a simple act of intention
which was itself an act
a pulse
of divine love.
we are thus forever formed and informed by this
through all time and all place.

Rest in this moment
listening to your heart.
If something pulls you
it pulls you for a reason
and there is something to be learned there.

When the moment begins to resolve kaleidoscopic
in the moment
it may be the time
of many times
coming upon us.
This is where you will have to listen
to what you feel is true.
Its simple
and brilliant
and confused by your mind
which is why they all say to quiet the mind.
Open the heart
open yourself
to the universe
and to that which is you.

The part of you that is looking
is the same part that is in the universe
you are being looked for
and you are looking.
When you reach that moment
when you touch upon the universe
as you
looking out
looking in
something powerful will resolve
as you know the journey just reached a final stage
all of that searching
life after life
has now reached an 'end'
which is a beginning

Trust what you feel
your experience
and quiet the mind...

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