Monday, September 26, 2011

REviSioninG KundAlini

I very much want people to understand that everything written about kundalini or awakenings is based on a feeling, but is describing something that can't be felt seen or touched.  Its not conventional when first experienced.  Its a horse of an entirely different color, and yet, it becomes the entirety of being as this energy begins to swell and grow within, a tidal wave that sweeps away the debris of a lost life, now a growing memory in the face of the fires of the soul.

But the idea that kundalini is a serpent wound three times around the base of the spine is a nice way to envision it, but its not correct.  The deeper truth is that within the resonant energy that is the soul self, you are interconnected with a vast field of energy.  This energy is like the background radiation of the cosmos, or the waters of the earth; they are everywhere and connect through vast networks.  This energy builds much like a wave might build and within this wave is an entire octave of harmonics.  As in all energy, there are harmonics, like octaves on a musical scale, and these are all a part of a standing wave of energy.  It does not go UP the spine.  It potentiates.  Within the base energy lies all the other energies in potential.  As this energy builds and as you clear the debris within your field which is  years of muck left untended, the ability for this subtle life force energy to further build within itself those other frequencies is realized as we simply surrender and open ourselves to what we learn is the divine flow (it winds up being so different from what the books would have us believe!....another good reason to consider rethinking some of this!).

So the idea that kundalini rises only tells half the story.  I know; I have experienced it in about every possible aspect one might imagine, and kundalini does not operate in a linear fashion as a rule, but it can.  Kundalini moves through each center and works with that energy center until the debris is worked through, but centers can open in a totally nonlinear fashion as was the case with me. The things is, on balance, one frequency of energy will tend to push the frequency next to it, but if there is resistance to the orderly rise, then it will seem to jump around.  There is no right way, no more orderly way, or more divine way.  Kundalini, being intelligent, knows what it is doing, and deep within you, its knowing is your knowing.

Interlaced through all of this is the masculine and feminine energy, yes.  These two poles serve as archetypal forms that loom large in the psyche and mass awareness of the race;  they are mother and father, they are husband and wife, and they also happen to make up an important part of who we are both physically and nonphysically. Having these parts at work are a critical part of our unfolding process because the energy itself seems to oscilates between these two poles.  This makes the dynamic flow that is this energy.  Each of us, composed of differing percentages of masculine and feminine energy will align in our own way to this universal flow of energy which is itself beyond duality yet seems to be this as a result of the way our world is ordered.  All of this is discovering your potential, and everything that happens will serve this in some degree. As this happens, your Essential Self moves to the fore, into your more conscious self in a way that may reveal a great deal of who you are but had been submerged.  In some cases, long lost parts of yourself are enlivened only to recognize and discard as no longer needed.  This amazing sorting process that kundalini presses upon us helps us to redefine who we are in terms of the cosmic and divine.  Within this is the "rise" of kundalini, but the "rise" is merely discovering your fuller potential.  In many ways we are much more like onions than centers of energy that are linked one after the other.  Each of these energy systems, by the way, called chakras, themselves operate as funnels for bringing in nonphysical energy and while connected as if in a chain are in truth more like funnels that move from front to back of the body and repsond to a given frequency range of energy. We then have certain "centers" that just happen to correspond to these energies and that also have a tie into our psychology or spiritual physiology, but its more as a result of what each energy range is capable of containing or carrying much in the same way that a radio frequency carries information.  When you need more or different information of a different wavelength, you have to tune into finer vibrations, and these naturally will lead you into different parts of the enrrgy body, into these funnels we call chakras.  But they are indeed funnels because they draw in and push out energy in the same way that a black and white hole operates.  In truth, chakras look just like a black hole that sucks in energy and pushes energy out.  Each funnel is resonantly tied and overlaps with the chakras physically near it so that these energies all operate as a whole.  Within you there are all manner of tides of energy, and not a single serpent to be found.  Thinking of it as a serpent has its purpose, but we are also entering a new world where our sensing will be more refined than ever before as an increasing number of people come to this experience.  If thinking of it as a snake helps you, great.  I think in the final analysis you will find the movement of kundalini to be much more nuanced than a mere snake as well as something that isn't linear but does act upon a body system in a way where certain centers will feel a flow one to the other sometimes.

An awakening is a powerful and mind blowing experience.  It can also be one of the most challenging experiences of your life, too.  Being able to come to this experience with a nondogmatic understanding of its potential I think is a good first step in realizing that some of what we have in our past is limiting.  We do not want to limit our envisioning of what it is we can become.  In the face of an awakening, it sure feels limitless!

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