Friday, January 10, 2014

Where Fire and Water Meet

Resting deep
water churns from cool chambers
as fire from heaven
beats down in vectors and brilliances
both a knowingness
and both incomplete
both used separately
as we tried to say what was true.

But rather
I know
what we are
our true selves
is the dance of light
on cavern walls
where sun fire beams through a crack
and plays upon the surface
of the cool depths.

It is not the water
it is not the sun
it is the play of light from both reflected upon the caves of earth
within the caverns of our souls
which is where we know ourselves.

For as long as we turn to one and say
"Look here is the truth"
we have but captured a body
but not its heart
a vessel
a shell
no matter how brilliantly one may shine
or how deep the other may have gone
for it is only when the two dance as one and project
like the dance of light from the waters surface
where it is not just light
but water too
that we can glimpse
the great mystery
captured fleetingly in the balance
the merged presence
where we know ourselves the best
and  our great potential
to Be.

As long as you seek to bring back the water
so too shall you thirst for sun
and as long as you seek only sun
shall your heat seek the cool
and only in the balance
can the true mystery be observed
moving as it does
like light on the walls of all our caverns
as a dance of water and light
but neither water or light
illuminates and slakes in an entirely new way
and alive.  

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