Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We speak of is this many faceted for a life, a car, or a carnival for a subject, a hobby, a passion in life and then...

The love of others.  Our children, our spouse, wives and husbands, significant others, lovers, friends, our family ancient and newly minted.  Each, a different love we experience and feel.

Spreading out before these loves is a force beyond, difficult sometimes to capture, sometimes hard to even feel, but that exists in forms that are more like forces of nature.....higher dimensional expressions of love as this love floods through blood and vein.  This is not some abstraction, it is the fruit hanging on the far limbs that are often missed.  It is not some vague nothingness, but a great something that has the power to change you.  But it can SEEM like an ambiguous abstraction to those who have not known it or felt it.  It can lead to misunderstanding, these things have always have since understanding it perfectly is so necessary for something that goes beyond mere myth-making as we, humans, have want to do.

This love is the same love I was directed to to write about in my book, events that happened that were unbelievable in how they of which involved a voice inside my head urging me to go to the "nearest body of water." What unfolded was a three-part synchronistic event that led me to a book that explained the issue I was having trouble explaining perfectly.  It is in the book.

And this love is in you, and will flow through you, as if a voice from another world just beyond your, you thought love was FOR something.  This love IS something....a living presence that sets up shop, broadens awareness and can, if you make yourself utterly available, into a different, not different....but redeemed.

Free.  Free from belief, from dogma, from agendas, from need, want, and from what once imprisoned you, which was that love was FOR something....anything.  The fountain goes from gushing with a leak to healing the leak and is now overflowing.  And how is this possible?  Forgiveness.  But forgiveness actually comes TO yourself as the chief way of actually healing the hurt from the past.  Tired?  Had enough beating yourself I over the whipping post?  How many lashes do you think your enemies deserve?  What hurt do you think this is doing to you?  We most often miss the harm we do to ourselves when our anger, rage, jealousy, or loss moves us to lash out.....and might I say, this is not love but a shadowed land of our own making.

This love, it is the great sky over us all.  You cannot know it until you let it seep down into your very bones.  How life hanging it is, how it continues to change and stir us.  Healing the pain we have carried for so long is a necessity if our own awareness is to accelerate and expand.  This returns us to smile places....places of peace, simple pleasures, to our own joy and our  Just FEELING this is so important.....and yet, so many don't know it is there.  But it is.

Just saying it could make it happen.  Great things await!  Ask yourself what remains for you to know, then wait by the waters of your intuition, unexpectant of what the answer might be, and see.  Surprises await!

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