Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Several weeks ago, after having spent months revising, and editing the content of the book Waking The Infinite, I suddenly found myself at....the...end!

Wow.  I got through it?

Bear in mind, this project has become a monster or sorts.  It grew from notes on slips of paper and napkins from the first weeks of awakening all the way through numerous versions, rewrites, edits, etc.  The challenge, I soon observed, was the strategy of knitting all these pieces of paper, like a quilt worked, but it made organizing everything a real challenge.  When the book grew to 750 pages with 8.5" x11" margins, you have a "cut" book somewhere between 1100 and 1200 pages!  Now, imagine editing such a beast.  It is like making order out of a vast apartment complex with furniture in each room, apartment, and seeking to arrange each apartment in a way that makes sense, is easy to navigate and to understand.  So when this got cut down to a mere 160 pages and then built back up to its current 350 pages, a lot more has flowed and made better sense.

But....continued improvements have been made to bring greater simplicity in the story as well as balance and flow.  The book has changed each time, evolving at each change.  I was hoping to keep that early spirit present in awakening present in the work, along with the blind spots, the lessons, assumptions made...all of it....THERE.  This has been a continual evolution.

The main thrust of the book is about how love guides this process, a love that is higher order in nature, a realization driven home by an event that took place in the most inexplicable way during the course of writing the book.  It is also a book that pulls back the veil on how our physiology ties into awakening.  All of this is physical, folks, and I have been keen on observing how this all plays into this....and how it reveals HOW consciousness is tied into our physiology and how it is that events will take on very unusual characteristics when the flood of energy flows when awakening comes.  WHY? The answer, based on my personal observations, the observations of others, as well as some interesting observations and research being done on the brain's dual-hemispherical focus in our bodies corresponds to what the ancients have been saying for thousands of years.  Connected to all of this is how this can point to how you are can form the basis for events in your life.  Matter and mind are not separate, and this little rabbit hole goes deep, leading each of us to conclusions that are inevitable.  :-)

Right now I am adding a small bit of additional information in several chapters while also trimming the book down so it is not too lengthy.  I will have a round of observant eyes on the book to help to point out issues I may have missed in structure and hopefully to help make the book the best it can be.  And trust me when I say, I am extremely anxious to get this project put to bed!  I don't know how it will get published, but I will be seeking an agent first whom I hope will be the right person for pushing the project forward.  If that does not yield the results I hope for, I will pursue self publishing avenues.  And boy, has the publishing world really changed!  Any release will be announced here first along with e-book conversions as well.

That is the news from the Mountains of  Virginia!  Lots of interesting things to write about, but as I sit and watch the foot of snow we are said to be getting, I am reminded that I have a two mile walk ahead of me in rapidly dropping temperatures.  It's great to sit and sip coffee in our local java jive place with old tunes playing, but it's time to get out the weather to find my way home!


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