Saturday, July 26, 2014

All Ways

Listen to your heart
to the drum beating
the lesson coiled
lying so close within
that in more troubled times
it eludes you.

Don't let it elude.

Bring it so close, hold it so precious
believe in what it says
for it is never wrong.
Its love is broader than the broadest sky
and not listening will only darken your days
and trouble your nights.

You don't even need to know how tomorrow will turn out.
Only that right this moment
what your heart has prepared for you
is enough.
This is never promised
but the heart in the brilliances of Now
knows with wisdom
what the mind cannot.

So wear it on your sleeve
scatter it through your life
and believe in what it is telling you
and urging you to
because a heart opened
in truth
and innocence
will bring you to what is always your very best.

I know
that I lived a life where I tried to please
others by not listening to the one thing
most important
and in so doing
slipped and feel from a great height.
But I am making my way back
to its blessed light.
No one might be there
Nothing may greet me
and the world could turn to ash
but this one great love
can build all worlds anew
within me
and for

And so can it do
for you
and anyone else who dares
to listen to that drum beating
deep within.
Different drummer?
Most certainly
it MUST be!

So listen
even if it makes no sense,
no ordinary listening
is required of this
but deeper down beyond all noisy desire
and into the place of great silences
paused only by that great drawing in
before pushing the great blood of life out
and again and again.
There it is
all around you
All Ways.

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