Saturday, July 26, 2014


I don't care.....
the world might turn to dust
and the sky run dark
and all of it pass away
but I just can't care
for the illusions
that all of this
could matter more than this love that lives inside
that animates
and tells me there is no others
finer than this.

So bad news
it has always been.
Good news or not,
it all transits

Between me and God
Between God and me.
All lessons learned
was it ever about any other? 

If I can keep it between me and that other greatness
then all will resolve into such greatness....
I take this small place to stand
this humble beginning
stepping from beginning to beginning
each moment fresh as the opening bloom
as brilliant as the lightening flash
as sure as the lessons of the past
to bolster me in the challenges which stand
waiting along the wings of all my tomorrows.

True to this heart
no more pretense
making it be between anything other than the divine
is just asking for trouble
when the world opens up its treasure trove
rendered as multiplicities
infinity dancing on the head of a pin
and wonder in a drop
and a world waiting for me
as I feel its trembling presences
exploding into meanings
I have always hid
but can no longer
as water-like
it flows out of me
like creeks to a deep blue sea.
The inevitability shakes me....

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