Sunday, August 24, 2014


The trust
the care
when all seems lost
the bright emerges amidst the dark
this ancient cosmic play
of truth
and illusion
which leads us each along the way.

What is our story?
Why are we here?
We ask these questions
in our darker ways
when we know
deep down
a struggle between
what is
and what we think we are
The triad unfolds
worldless, simple,
and shows the way
but rushing it
it has its own pace
which is oddly
like lightening
and sometimes living in the lives of snails
and stones
sleeping for centuries
beneath the gloom
to be birthed into new life.
All of it a big rush
it seems
and sudden stillness reigns
before the next lightening flash.

that all of this
which preceded
and prophesiedit
is less a comprehending
more a knowing
seeds already sown....
much wonder before the sprouting.

that it comes of its own accord
when bidden
when sought
when all ways are pressed into it
a soft spoken sigh
leading to imperishabillity.

So come to me my garden soul
my forgotten One
Did I fear you?
How do I seek you
how do you seek me?
How does this union come
after so long running in old circles?
How many millstones have been rendered to dust by this?

Seeking it in a thousand faces
for a thousand lives
not aware that the inner drives what is outward
now returning to the dust of those ancient days
to till new soil to prepare for the union
of the perfect love that exists first within
we had it backward
didn't we?

I am asking now
asking you to show yourself
so you might show me
what I have for so long blindly done without
it seems until I acknowledge you
make you part of my wholeness
that I wont know wholeness.....

I sometimes wonder
is this all made up....
and do we, in creating it
set the rules
by which it all happens
just because the universe is so eager
by any rule
even a cheat
to find its way back
to the golden moment
where we each return to zero.

Until then
this great yearning
is knowing itself through its blindness
until it sees you clad
in that garden of ours
and perhaps I will know
that it was never any other way
save for this story I tried to write
in this world
but seemed to fail at each step along the way.
But I think that these last steps are the most important
as they were saved for last.

In each moment I am seeking to invite you in
to see you there
to know your presence
your guidance
your wisdom
your knowing.
I am laid out
like a corpse
all errors removed
too far now to go back
to pretend this did not happen.
No Kansas is in my future
and thank god for that.
But I will trust
in lying myself open
that everything will resolve back
to what is

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