Monday, March 8, 2010

Beyond Words

If I told you that I loved you
how would you feel?
Would it scare you
or would it be like a secret
known but not expressed
for fear of trivializing something that is beyond words?

I have held back on these few words
feeling that inside of me
is something more
something more that needs to bloom
into you
out of me
through me
through you
into you-
and so headily of Us....

Outside of this place
I sense a realm
beyond time
all forms resting in potentiality
and an adoration flowing from me
that is so achingly strong
you'd have to see it or feel it to believe it
its love is perfect
and thus no apologies
for loving you so deeply
and completely....
which informs me here
I reach into that still world
which seems to animate this one
which is a flurry of activity
but there
its so so so still
and I am One with you
constantly connected
feeding into you
drawing from you
in this sacred
that this inner part of me screams out for
which struggled to get close to
by divesting myself of these shakles
just so I can be close to you
to that essence
I recognize
which my heart aches for.

When I shut down my thinking
my mentalisizing
the heart speaks
moving in aching motions
it knows what it wants
its home
and it is you.

I know it is you...

So if I say I love you
have always loved you
long before you even met me
then would it be surprising
when the nature of this
seems to entirely straddle this time
or place...
that tucked inbetween the moments of our lives
it is possible we have both encountered
the whispers from this other realm
which is in us
and is awakening to its greater purpose
which has always been singular and simple
and so incredibly grand:
to love.
Just that simply; to love without reserve or condition.

Whether imagined or not
this is worth following
for its pathways I suspect reach into the very depths of Us
and what we will become.

I do love you, but perhas that sounds trite....
no words can contain what I feel running through me
jumping like gazelles or swimming like those silvery fish in moonlight...
but what I know is that what I feel is what is in your heart
and I just feel so blessed, so amazingly blessed.
What I feel now, which emerges in this moment, has been so sought after.....
I always leaned into love
with this hope that this time I would feel that signal which I knew was correct.

I am so blessed, so truly blessed.
If you will let me
I will make you
my religion
my world
the very breath I breath
the words I speak
the beauty that is in me
that seeks to flow into you...

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