Monday, March 1, 2010


You are emptying me
aren't you
flushing me of so much
that no longer serves
my larger purpose
this does not make it easy
says the smaller self
who feels it all upclose
and does not have always
the gift of perspective.

No, you are emptying me
I know this to be true
when all my canals feel opened
and all that I cherish goes rushing out
along with the rest
I worry what will come back to me
"that which endures" is the enigmatic answer
but I rather feel I prefer that which is
more in line with my new/old axis
that which is best for that new man.

If you empty me
then it must be because I am about to be filled
or will fill
or will need to fill something
capacities enlarged
the present recreated
hidden paths illuminated
for you to tread.

Perhaps its a purging
as I am built up
burn it down
phoenix like
so it may reach the highest heights.

Empty me then
return me to dust
if you must
crush my heart and grind it into fuel
for your divine fire
if that is how it must be

I wait for the turning tide.

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