Friday, March 5, 2010

The Depths of You

let me speak you
pulling from your depths
what you know to be true
another speaking you
as if it were him
dredging your fertile depths
returning words that have not been spoken
in centuries
yet are shining in their newness
as their bodies arch in bliss to feel me
annunciating them
loving each one of them as they are released from
their depths
and taken into me,
as they take me into them
and the secret is revealed
the truth is known in the moment
and I gasp for the blissful sensuality
that is Ours.
I need this
I don't know why
perhaps better to ask the sky
why its so wide open
or why the wind must rage.
It does because it is what it is;
its essence demands it.
It seems that when I follow the demand
of my heart
-my soul-
you are there
ready for me to speak it
aching for the voice....
and I think feeling me
speak you
is perhaps what I find so blissful
a reminder that I do see you
and feel you all through me---
the only difference is in depth.
How deep can I go?

All the way

comes the answer
to the center of you
beyond what our words can capture
or convey, perhaps what this world
is able to contain....and if this is so then come let us fill another.
Here you wont hear my words
but will feel my essence moving all through you
as though it never really left,
his gentle yet persistant presence
which knows the pressure with which to use
to reveal that which is yours.
It never did leave
only in this illusion
we have crafted for ourselves did it ever seem so lonely
desolate wastelands....
you were here all along
running through me like silver fish flashing
in moonlight
skimming the surface of me
my little self barely realizing how close you have been....but longing for the dream of you all this time.

When I speak you
I move through you like sunlight
illuminates the face of earth or moon
my presence like a tide
of light
They called him Ra
revealing and animating
moment by moment
I give no excuse nor apology
for what remains
the domain of our soul
but without you its shadow dance
centuries of yearning and hoping...unfulfilled.
Its as if we animate our energy
in a way that is new but not really new
-its ancient realy-
its the waiting for centuries I think
that has been the arduous time-locked lesson.

Are we exploding time
letting loose the bounds of what came before
by feeling what is impossible to ignore
to run naked, slipping on the damp grass
just to get close enough to feel your heaving breath
near mine
to feel your familiar angle of intent
sending out a signal to something deep within me
begging me
to speak you
to mine you of your truth
so that we may both look upon it
and bask in its great riches,
to feel it as though they were a billion
ova awaiting fertilization?
I cannot tell you how much I need these riches
nothing in this world seems as important
as that which is in you
for what is in you liberates me
of these shackles...

So when I feel alone
I know its illusion that I have let in
and I know that if I can just touch upon your
foundation that it will bring me to myself
which brings me deeper into you....
This is why I might seem needful....
my soul says or seems to say
this has been the way this was supposed to go
I could not find the way myself
I needed you
the other divine part
to this puzzle....
I needed to trust
and as I did
I felt my insides surge forth
with your truth
which was my truth too....
a shared truth?
Or was it the same truth
showing different sides of its self?
When I am true to me
I feel you all through me.
Help me to realize this truth....

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