Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There is not some ultimate point of Being
some apex of the pyramid
but an endless world of manifestations and awakenings
to that which is larger, more...
Spirit reveals as we go
the truth of the boundlesness
the endlesness of our being.

As we awaken
our petals open
to the sun of our knowing
to his loving caress
which reaches
as deeply into us
as our awareness will allow.
What we awaken to is ourselves
made larger
made seperate from us through the trick of time
which now opens up
its truth revealed
as an expanding present.
Its tapestry rich with implications
and discovery

In this kind of world
we ascend
up through our awareness
and as we open and bloom
our potential blooms
revealing our higher selves
never as anything separate
but gently connected
part of a still larger design.

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