Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where The Two Meet

He waves his hand over her
showing her how his potency moves through him
and into her
how in this place
two become one
as deeper the two go
each revealing to the other
as they swim in masculine then feminine currents
what must be ancient in revelation
like some rite made up on the spot
by the very energy moving through them
mudras seeking their unfolding
as he grasps her firmly
her flesh pulled against the certainty of his desiring
beyond any fire of any sun shining brilliant in the ancient space
as this truth emerges in them
necessary for the moment
revealing their divine
and awakening in him the truth
that she must grasp as he grasps
but that he must know what the grasp is for
which is to hold her fast in this moment of endless embrace
which their larger selves have known since forever.

He will surrender and feel how his energy will become like a core to her being
how her embrace is necessary for him to know where to go
and how to be within her as he travels up the channel of her within from root to crown
she guides by simply being who she is to him
and her essence unfolds within him as he is bound by the compass of certainty
as each reveals to the other the Logos of their soul
as merged aspects of each other.
it can be no other way as soul has waited through an entire season of its becoming for this.
The gravity of it has grown rich and ripe in this time
as they meet each other on the inside...
which is where the great Mystery is given a voice

The gods have always moved through us
they were our larger selves
but we could not imagine
it was as simple as they were we
unbound by time
time travelers
returning to the land of their Becoming
drawing forward their ancient selves
like a lover pulls and grasps
for the beloved
as one world seeds another
as that world returns a renewed essence
which is their Christed selves.....
full of love and infinite desiring
the greatest of heresies
and the deepest of truths.

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