Friday, August 6, 2010

The Relativity of Joy

All of this
fading now like a taste desirous to be forgot
spent in living someone else's idea of fulfilled
teeth grinding
soul turning
mind numbing
just where did this come from?
Thunder stirs distantly
beseeching me
Why would I move so from my sacred essence?

I come from poet warriors
every life sacred
life fiercely lived
no fear for the flesh
eyes that pierce
your flesh surrendered
vibrating with its desire
How can this be anything but my true joy?

I am humbled by you
you know
through you my world is transformed.
I need your story
in the moment
to somehow illuminate my own.
You fit perfectly I discover more and more
Your essence opens me
gently but certainly
your heart
a steady hand
in a mad world
revealing to me my essence
yearning and leaning into this new sunlight
you so perfectly shepherd unto me

You are that peach
whose flesh it torn from its pit
over and over
your nourishing essence
increase my desire
just how strong can it get???

Come on....
lets go swimming...

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