Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I look
hoping to find
another man
gripped as I
by this
and I realize
they all are gripped
in different ways
walking through tunnels of illusion
seeking the light
seeking Her
the truth is
a man will never find anything more meaningful
to him
than his Goddess
and she lies quiet and still
is it that he must wake up and find her?
The Journey the means
Process discovering himself
as her.

So I lie down on you
and pull your hands up over your head
as I stretch your body out
so I can feel every inch of you
at attention
slick and strong and pulsing
your breath quiet
as my hands dig into yours
part of this is being quiet
and finding that place inside
where the two connect
my essence dissolving into one single force
which seeks to open you to your awakening
for in this
I find myself.
Its not that I awaken you
its that we awaken
our hearts seeking eagerly the new cooperation
a better way
as the sublime falls like snow in the moonlight.

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