Thursday, December 30, 2010

Her Divine Call

She whispers in the night
"Come to me my beloved,
come and show me your Essence
moving all through me
your blood becoming my blood
your desire flowing into mine
as you learn the secrets of my thoughts
of my Being
of my deep Desiring."

He is moved across the miles
as a ship lying on calm waters
can feel the torment of another ocean
beneath him.
This Sea roils and burns with a fire
not overt
but not invisible.
His boat is perfectly still
yet deep within his hold
he can hear something distant calling
as he is drawn to her ocean,
her watery realms
her feminine nature
perfectly reflected
and expressed
and whose power
he can feel
as if he were a key
and she a lock.
Thousands, millions, billions, trillions
all emerge from her vast ocean
like foam
a froth
from his movement
as deftly his keyed being
melts into her locked being
and he knows his true nature
and she hers
by each knowing each
as each feels the press of their divine presence
upon the petals of their desiring hearts.

"Come to me
my ocean of salt yearns for your river of rain
for you fell to me from the sky
land of thunder and lightening
the masculine aspect of water
as flowing into me
as knowing all of me
all my secrets,
all that I am and shall become.
You will know all that I am
for I surrender unto you
this one simple secret
I have loved you always
and have yearned for you
and now
a continent apart
your rivers run deep into my being
as my ocean rises up to meet you
so that we may know the union of souls
once again.

Her whispered words
like prayers
pronouncements to the divine self
pull him in
as he pulls
and they push together
and turn
and roll
in the divine marriage of souls.


Anonymous said...

I applaud you in your belief in
that a human being is not a
soul-less biological life form
but has a deep interconnectedness
with the ground state of consciousness
and with the scheme of the
universe.I have a small gift of
awarness..I know Human consciousness
exists independently of a brain and
nervous system.
I'm enjoying your talented musings.

Him said...

Thank you so much for your feedback!