Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Love

What follows is a reblog from this writer.  I came across this piece while getting ready to log off and saw this piece at the bottom of the page under a search "love" for writings on Wordpress. I am including it here in the hopes that you find it as I did...

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I am in love.
This is more than thoughts, patterns, phone calls, and familiarity. This is different from clever inter-plays, practiced reactions, fear, and anger. This transcends schedules, date nights, and wedding dresses. This is another realm entirely, a higher vibration, a place of wonder.
This is a feeling experience. I feel it with my whole body.
My chest is full and open at the same time, alive with sparkling gold energy. This energy moves through me in twists and torrents, gorgeously illuminating me from the inside out. I follow it, and allow it to burst in beautiful explosions inside my heart, shoulders, hands, fingers.
My solar plexus is melting open, and I express myself perfectly when I speak. Love is on my lips, in my words, the way I kiss. My cheeks pulse and my scalp tingles. My tongue is sweet and lucid in my mouth. Everything I say has a sheen to it, the words perfectly placed.
I am in a state of wonder. I feel timeless, connected to everything. God is here, is my best friend, and is so happy I’m in love. My body moves with effortless grace. I am wide-eyed and innocent. Love has made me so.
Colors are brighter, and I see the life deep within all things. Magical sounds reverberate through my body- waves crashing, monkeys screeching, lemongrass frying, drums beating. The moon is full, the tides primal. I am in a world of fuchsia, mandarin, lush green. The jungles are sultry, and I know them intimately. The fruit trees bloom for me~ papaya, mango, banana. The moss is springy, the water cool, my skin singing as I slide into your arms.
My heart is full, open, and celebratory. The back of my heart, near my spine, tingles open. My ribs melt in love. I laugh and laugh. I trust so deeply, I become perfectly myself. This river of warmth and excitement streaming through my body softens my thighs, heats my cheeks, and creates wetness between my legs.
In communion, erotic innocence. Wonder. A feeling of being high up in the cosmos, a favorite of the gods, expanding the universe with each touch, each kiss.
We are divinity, embodied. Shiva and Shakti. Isis and Osiris. Timeless lovers in a pantheon of legends. Source Energy flows through us, lifting us, making us holy. We remember we are gods, and make love reverently. If only everyone could feel this feeling.
I write, and poems slide off my pen~
When you look at me with bedroom eyes
I feel like I’m underwater.
My lips part involuntarily
The blanket slides from my shoulder.
Conversations, electric. Fights, passionate. Body language, compelling, even to strangers.
There is such a free flow, it is effortless. Love is effortless. Perfection is effortless. I am aware I’m glowing, I am aware people are watching, and I inhabit this gift fully.
My cells are awake, tingling, dancing with each other. Laughter bubbles up from my belly. Tenderness is embodied, graceful. I have soft eyes, Buddha hands. The air in my lungs is lush, alive. I allow higher and higher frequencies of love to flow through me. I am an innocent, masterful creator.
This isn’t theory, conjecture, or philosophy. This is a felt experience, a profound journey into deeper and deeper dimensions of myself.
This is love.

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