Friday, June 14, 2013

Secret Dialogues

When awakening came along with it came....the epiphany moment.  That epiphany moment would become an extended period that might last for hours, days, perhaps even weeks.  This state was where I felt immersed in an accelerated sense of awareness.  I will tell you that I LIKE these states even though sometimes they have left me feeling a little frazzled around the edges. All of my central insights have come from these sessions in the silence. Most of the ones that came while I was working on the book Waking The Infinite were incorporated as a way to help explain the nature of reality and our roles here as co-creators.

Image © Stafford Artglass, Parker Stafford

Today as I worked in the yard I dropped into another of these reveries.  I was cutting the grass and coming up the hill and was watching very closely for things NOT to run over while mowing.  It began:

You do know that chakras are actually the basis of all energy systems, right?

What do you mean?

Here, let me show you:  if you know about the chakras, what is their most basic operation or underpinning?"  It does not wait for me to answer but continues "The chakra is actually part of a toroidal pattern that is common with all electromagnetic fields and reveals the presence of both the negative and positive fields in one.  ALL matter has these fields.  Every atom has it."

I was then shown how nonliving objects have these chakras, that this was not dependent on living material although with living material the energy is accelerated a good degree.  There is more organization, reliance on other parts for the whole, and most often more energy produced, used, and processed.

I thought this was for all living things.  I thought the chakra system existed only in living things.

the chakra system is more developed in living things, but the chakra system is not built on the concept of life but on energy.  As a result, it dips into energy fields, electrical activity and radiation and frequency.  I wont tell you that an atom has a seen-fold chakra system.  However, without atoms, you would not have chakras.  Each atom has its method of drawing in energy. An atom is NOT a static quanta of energy.  It appears to be set and stable but is in truth changing all the time.  It is more that an atom has the same potential energy all the time in the same way that a river has the same amount of water able to flow through it at any given time. Without this pulsation or movement of energy through it, the atom would cease to be.  All things are designed to be carrier or conduits for energy.  Even your atoms.  Especially your atoms!

Each chakra will have a positive and negative aspect.  One will draw inward and one will draw outward.  One will bring in energy while another will send out.  One side is positive and one side is negative.  One is masculine, the other feminine.  One active, one is receptive.  This sets up a torus or field around itself.  

Image © Stafford Artglass, Parker Stafford

There are boundless chakras, but the seven main ones are the ones most people know in peoples' bodies.  Your body is made up of minuscule chakras all through it.  If you want to know how many chakras you have look at your skin and observe each pore.  AT LEAST that many chakras do you have on your body and more deeper down.  These are much like how nerves or the vascular system is integrated into the body and are as numerous as the capillaries, veins and arteries and are also built in similar fashion (the seven main chakras are like the trunk of the arteries for example).  Everything brings in energy and sends it out.  All of life, even non-sentient, is alive in its own way.  It has to be.  The energy within all things is itself sentient or alive even if the material according or your science does not deem it alive.  It is nonetheless very much aware, just not with eyes or ears or skin to feel it. The universe is alive. 

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