Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Remains For Us

It is time to remember the Feminine in the spiritual.  Looking across the world you can see how she has been carefully hidden. For whatever the reasons, it is time that she be brought out into the bright day of our own awareness.  Hiding her only makes for unhealthy yearning and desire for what is native to each of our own beings. She rests within each atom along with her male counterpart.  They take up residence in everything and give force to that which creates form and all phenomenon. They are never not present. For it to BE they must also be.  They are IT. 

Below is an old illustration of Shakti and Shiva.  It shows how Shiva has this powerful aura around him, a nimbus, often seen as the presence of illumination, a powerful spirit, even divinity. We all have this inner light that shines through our own energetic field.

I took some time and worked on giving Shakti her own nimbus as well.  I thought it needed to be complimentary because these two forces work together so well.  So below is the result, an updated version of how things need to be....

My Rendition Of Shakti and Shiva, © Parker Stafford, 2012
Now tell me, is that not perfect?  Shiva's glow is radiant.  It is green, a very healing color.  Shakti is a lovely warm violet, itself very intuitive and receptive. Green in its own way is also receptive, too, and I think while different, the two now are more on par as they gaze into one anothers eyes.  You see, the music hasn't even begun....

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