Thursday, June 20, 2013

Into This Sacred Realm

Image ©Stafford Artglass, Parker Stafford
I use words to explain what surely cannot be explained.....a rough outer world fashioned to ape the fineness within.  In everything, scattered, lies this fineness, this sacred realm which bears the very feeling of the reverence we feel when we go to church or temple or try to summon the Gods, whatever form they take.  It is in this simple slip of a moment.  It is with me every moment.  Even as I pull from the world out of hurt.  How could such a fine thing hurt anyone or anything? I am still working that one out.....but it does not change the wonder of it, the beauty of it. Taken into it, I feel, is the power to forgive and forget it all.  And perhaps that is the whole point. To forget. To reset.  To resurrect ourselves, to be reborn, refreshed, cleansed and remade.  Whatever it is that others have tried to make this into it is all so simple and belongs not to any faith or belief but to all human beings because it was there the moment the All brought our world into being.  It was present in everything because the All was that very thing.  We feel the presence of the deity, the spirit, the ghost, the holy of hollies.

Meditation is not an effort, but a flow.  Every moment has been spent in this way.  No method, simply like children slipping into the water.  We all actually know how.  It is so simple that it is hard. You try too hard.  Its more like falling in love.  It is like dying, like letting go, like falling; all of these things means letting go of old conceptual bounds and tethers in order to feel the immensity within. You wont get there I don't think worried over whether your foot is in the right place or if your chest is moving in the right way.  Its so much more fundamental than that.  And so the methods sell like crazy because people are so hungry for it but want it handed to them in a handy little four step method that will deliver it safely to their doorsteps, even if that isn't about to happen anytime soon. It is why my own words probably wont catch on anytime soon. They don't need to I don't think since its about being ready.

The infinite is here with you. Even as you are this rough creature, untried, uncertain, limited and faithless.  When you eliminate the things that divide you, its presence comes closer.  It dives into you, makes you its love, brings you into a sacred state of knowing.  What we once called the ordinary is rendered extraordinary as the scintillating wonder of the energy of the deity's love is like this.  We feel it as a fiery force with cold water jets shooting through it. We never thought heaven and earth could be joined in such primal ways. But it is all of this, and more of it and beyond our current knowing and awareness.  It exists most greatly beyond our conceptualizations of what is real and what is not real.  It lies beyond us beyond all form and conceptualization and resides pregnant in potential.  It rests like a vast wellspring waiting to be tapped.  We were meant to tap it here, beyond perfection and here on earth.....and when we do we fill this world with the memory of awakening and more inevitably follow suit.  The ALL awakens within itself.  Reminds itself.  Just as I am reminding you.  Whispering into the corners of your dreams, through the brighter realms of your familiar lands and the forgotten realms waiting for activation in your cellular memory and in your awareness.

©Stafford Artglass, Parker Stafford

We have reached a point now where it is clear that the old concepts are being exploded. Kundalini does not JUST rise.  It has been there always.  We ask what is the thing that makes it feel as though it is rising? And what is holding back such mighty rivers of spirit?  It does not move orderly but as is required which may mean it cleanses one place to jump far away to another.  It has its own intelligence.  We may feel posture does it, but belief in those things is what does it. Belief.  it lies at the root of all things.  It is the port through which all the programming for this world flows. If you believe it is impossible, guess what; it is. But once the heavy stones of your conception have been moved and you are rendered twice-born, such notions escape you like hungry foxes fleeing the den.  Your old world is lost and a new one is found....a world lying just beneath the thoughts and concepts and beliefs of the one you just spent a lifetime creating.  Peeling back the veil, the fineness of it is astounding.  It will erase all memory in its pure pulse.  Even my own awareness of myself as myself will go away and melt into the All perhaps, I suppose, only to re-experience itself as individual again.

Maybe if I told you that I know who has the keys, who holds the sacred scrolls, who has all the answers, perhaps you would awaken so much faster.  But it would be on a falsehood, for all the answers are available to all of us.  It is who we are, who It is, what the entire universe is.  Its not like it is a secret that can be kept for long.  Well, okay, here on earth it seems the secret can be kept for thousands of years.  Maybe it was because we wanted to see what forgetting was like as a collective.  Now, though, the circle has come full turn.  the clock is resetting itself.  A new program unfolds. A paradigm shift, a wrinkle undoing itself, revealing itself in the fine sacred moment as time shifts into its gray mistiness and is forgot. 

We will each come to it.  Over and over until it kneads and shapes and molds us and old things fall forgotten. 

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