Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fruit Of You

Your flesh gives way like a piece of delicious fruit
to my hungry mouth
delicious sweet sensuality
your essence offers up herself
in this feast
both surrendering
a river to my thirst
an ocean to my longing.

My goddess
my goddess
I call to you
across these miles
we pretend good
about being apart
but we both know
the deeper truth
of our connection
which swims so deep
that strikes so headily
so strongly
so stridently....
But I still call to you
calling your name
I like so much
breathing you in
my breath out into you
filling you
it is no other way
as your ocean consumes me
and I feel myself melt into your
perfect feminine force
which I have longed for all this time.

Something happens to a man
when it dawns on him
that his beloved has been inside of him
locked up, as if some special secret combination
had to be turned through to open those gateways of perception
a single golden key
unlocking those treasures hidden underground
ready to be released into this world
already bubbling up in each moment.
Perhaps we yearn for that which is so close to us
that we know is in us
yet is hidden for a time
a great turning of the Wheel
we must make the journey
away from ourselves
getting back to ourselves
as the Other reminds us
of who and what we are.

So when you give yourself
in the moment by moment
I feel so blessed
with the deliciousness of you
full of seed
dizzying passion
heaving breath
as my lips cover every inch of you
I assume you are here for me to consume
and glisteningly wonderful

Thank you for wanting only my true self....for he wants so much to reveal himself to you in each moment.....

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