Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Wild Things

I feel ruined on this day
unable to do more than to let this charging force have its way
gentle surrender
sudden illumination
I grasp for you
my hands slick and hot
your body bouyant
and intuned
I feel the connection
to the animal essences
as I reach for you
I ask my question
and it is answered
chills run all through me
we have a webwork inside of us
my hands whcih are born of
and whale
and orca
and rhino
and eagle
and bobcat
and wolf
and leaf and star
rush through me
in a moment of shivering realization
they show
through feeling
that this is my true way home.
leaving the old ports
but happy
finding my old friends
old pathways
outside of time
all leading through a familiar land
where my insides shimmer and pulse
with the want and hunger of you
the need
to have

Not enough to simply smell the sweet bouquet across three thousand miles
I can if I must
the pulse will assure it
but my hands
seek you
to grasp you
to pull you ever nearer
until there is no distinction
between you and me.

I will remain pulsing
and loving you
in this bare moment
as I walk back into the woods
of my wilder self.

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