Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Revelation

feel my radiance
the fullness of my masculine
moving through your meridians
penetrating every atom of you
inseminating every empty place
with the full presence of me
bringing a new kind of life
inside of you

I cherish your life giving power
From it a new world will be born
truly this is so
so in each moment
I must honor you
by being as fully me as I can be
rippling through the moment
tearing through barriers
revealing what you are to you
and to the world
melting you down
until vortex-like
you pull me in yet again
but always transforming....

You and I were always chamelion like
for its our nature
like an island not anchored to earth
it shifts and changes and remakes itself
as its position moves
a thin line of lava
drives up through its center
making more of itself
but shifting what it was the day before
as water cools the molten fire
working together to recreate
and so the energy is like that
new from one day to the next
but this yearning shall always be
for you are She
and I am He

come be with me...

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