Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Divine Alignment

My Godself awakens inside of me
Sending memory down through my dendrites
You and I have been here a very long time
Another kind of memory fills me
One from an ancient being
My higher self
He whispers breathlessly
“I have been in this embrace of you since forever.”
I know his proclamation is true-
I know I have looked into you
My gaze like magic
The beam of my attention
Leaving you seduced and filled
With my Presence,
Your gaze not penetrating but pulling,
Welcoming in a way that is so perfect,
I can’t even express how perfect it is.
Smiling and red faced
Your leg pulls me closer to you
And I feel the pulse of my desire
Enter into you
Filling every part of you
Like some cosmic river of creation
A river of energy
Every particle of me
Mirrored in the next
The whole of creation trembles in this moment
This, our divine alignment,
What brings us to the other
As my essence sings through you
As your essence returns something so essential to me.
I cannot help but flow as our revolution
Turns into peace and bliss
As it always has been
And shall be.

I know you
At the deepest levels of you
I know you
For nothing can keep me from penetrating into those places
Even you do not know exist
Yet its in me to find them
And it gives me great joy
For its so simple for me-as if it my nature to do this-
It does not feel like I have to try
Just be me
How can that be?
Once you surrender to yourself
To the God within
To the Goddess inside of you
The Kingdom is revealed.
And in it
You are my Queen.

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